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I return
Wrote a new story last night
What I am watching
Radio stuff.
I release you
Quiet Room Bears
Clive Barker health scare
The Unreasonable but Beautiful Prejudices of Readers
Stevie's first film review online
What Are You Reading (5)
Another Burchfield Essay: "In a Palace of the One Percent...
Murder on the Orient Express
Dream House
Horror Triple Bills - old, modern and recent.
Piranha 3D
Films 2021
That's it.
Is anybody there?
Your crucial life-changing passages from fiction?
From Thomasb: "The Accursed" by Joyce Carol Oates
You're Next
New thoughts
A long way of saying....
Film trailers
Inland Empire/ Papa Lazarou
Ambiguous endings?
Phantasms of the Living
Pet Sematary; reading things again.
New old-school horror movie posters
Wonderful Barker interview
A Dead Monument To Once Ancient Hope
New Bowie
Films 2020
X Files
Things that are Eerie 1
The Dr Who thread
The Mighty Boosh
Jeffrey Kripal
Who knows?
What Are You Reading: 2015
Lisey's story
Universal Consciousness
The Ninth Configuration
Phantom Menaces
It 2
Strange Men In Pinstripe Suits by Cate Gardner
"Brutal Spirits" review
Every horror film ever made.
Thoughts on new horror movies
The Empathy Problem
From Mark Lynch
What have you watched April 2019?
A thread for Über-old-school-RPGing-geeks *ONLY*
My son's fairy sighting.
Tony's 'Last Balcony' covers
The midwest's decaying heartland
Bird Flu
Bond and the meaning of life.
Stuart Hermolle
Tilt Shift
Comings and goings
BBC Archive
Writing is good for your health
Is anybody there? 2
Have they stopped making horror films?
What are you reading 2019?
Movies watched in MAY, 2019
A 6-year old judges books by their covers
Insidious - is there something wrong with me?
Micheal Winner in excellent scary moment shock!
Frightful Horrors - one-stop shop for horror/weird fiction
A Field in England
Gilliam versus Potter
'Cultural Picks'
On writing
The Doll Who Ate His Mother
What Are You Reading 2016?
'A place we shouldn't go'.
Change in style
What are you doing?
Ghost Stories
Valley of Dolls
Pet Sematary vs Jack Black
Seaton's Aunt
Radio goodness.
Flat Earth film.
Rare Exports - A Christmas Tale
My god she knows how to write an opening paragraph
The most miserable year in history.
RIP Jimmy
"David Tennant quits as Doctor Who"
This House Has People In It
What are you watching? 2
Star Wars
The Parasite ebook
Interview With The Landlord...
What TV Are You Watching?
Say "I am not a robot"
The Walking Dead
American Horror Story
Stranger Things
A treat.
Stevie's Themed Triple Bill Movie Nights
Poltergeist ghost!
'Boris Karloff's Thriller' (1960-62)
The Films Of Jan Svankmajer - My favourite Surrealist Dir...
The universe is older than we think
Dead End
Where is everybody?
'I'm here to investigate missing body parts.'
The Woman in Black VII: In SPAAAAACE
Nemonymous Night
The 25 best horror films of 2014
First review of Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy
The First Book of Classical Horror Stories
Tony around?
The Enfield Haunting
American Horror Story: Freak Show
Campbellian Music
The End of an Era
Strangeness in the woods
Season's greetings to all my RCMB friends!
Classic ghosts in the theatre
RIP Billie Whitelaw
Too Many Cooks
Pretty Polly by B.F. Shelton
What Are You Reading: 2014
Remember Me on BBC1
A lost BBC ghost story
Two sentence horror stories
Cthulhu LEGO
Short horror films
The Really Creepy Bundle
The Book of the Lost
Horror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease
The Fear-Funnel
Literary criticism
Terror Tales of the Seaside
Today's mind worm
What Are You Watching?
New Gray Friar books
R.I.P. Graham Joyce
The Paranormal Activities
Top 10 Lists
RIP Kirby McCauley
Late night TV horror is back ...
Monsters on post-it notes ...
Sleep Tight
Lord of Tears
ABSENTIA - a "Campbellesque" film
Screaming Book of Horror!
James Herbert question
Kickstarter - Pan Book of Horror Scrapbook
Anyone for drinks in New York?
Talking Aickman
The Children of Old Leech
The Grimscribe's Puppets edited by Joe.S.Pulver
Can'f find info about DF Lewis?
Films of 2014
Photos inspired by children's nightmares
Junji Ito
The Nest - David Cronenberg's new short film
Stevie's Top 100 Horror Movies
The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
Life advice and spiritual guidance from Conan the Barbarian
Legends of Cthulhu
Congrats to RCMBers with BFA nominations!
My Skylines
Haunter of the Dark artwork
Godzilla (spoiler?)
The Friends of Mike Santini - Live at Knebworth!
Horror Without Victims
TV Guide 2014
Wordland 4: Whited Sepulchres now on-line
'True Detective'
Horror comics
Wordland 5 submission guidelines
R.I.P. Bob Hoskins
Wordland 5 submission guidelines
Joel Lane
Another reason I never want kids
The Horror Fields
Gla'aki's second round
Ex Occidente Press
RIP Lucius Shepard
Tristram Shandy is strong beer
Inside Number 9
'Holes for Faces'?
Congratulations to Gray Friar Press
R.I.P. Alain Resnais
Read a novel in under 90 minutes
RIP Michael Shea...
Real Time Review
Question for Ramsey
Stevie Goes To The Movies 2013
Short Short
I spend most of my time these days doing real-time reviews
Great essay, Ramsey - horror writers (and readers) be pro...
TV Guide 2013
Who's a kickstarter?
Menace from our moderator
R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman
The Yellow Wallpaper
Tragedy as Comfort Fiction: On Death, Drama, Disaster & S...
For Barker fans
A spectral Mastermind
Want to make REAL money writing fiction?
Deal or No Deal
Demons & Devilry
I've been interviewed...
Hidden paintings in books
Hashima island.
Story ideas from strange places
A question for all you horror film afficionados...
Delicate Toxins
My review of Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #46
Wow. Just Wow!!!
Happy Birthday Ramsey!!!!
What are you reading 2013 part 2
Happy Same-shit-different-year day
John Fortune RIP
The Heaven Tree - new collection by Christopher Harman
Reading alters your brain
MR James at Xmas
The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2
Happy Christmas
Doctor Who 2013
Ramsey Campbell: Critical Essays on the Modern Master of ...
R.I.P. Peter O'Toole
Open Waters
Audrey Totter, RIP
Disturbing Things Kids Have Said When Talking About their...
Bull Running for Girls second edition launch
Body/Mind/Change with David Cronenberg
Rough Cut - Hiker Meat
Nelson Mandela RIP
Failsafe remake 2000
New delivery service from Waterstone
Threads- BBC drama from the 1980s
The Night of the Doctor
As good as an award!
Anti-Semitic attack on my wife
The Impossibility Dissection
In the absence of Rhys . . .
Astrologica: Stories of the Zodiac
Süssmayr's Requiem
Flowers of the Sea - Reggie Oliver
John Taverner
Do you know these people?
Well done, Joel.
Grimmfest 2014
Help needed with song choice
A new anthology - edited by Johnny Mains, intro by Ramsey
Happy Halloween everyone!
My slant upon Lichfield Cathedral...
Wordland 4 Call for Submissions
The Hothouse and the Heuristic
Lou Reed RIP
60 disturbingly creepy images
Fear the Reaper Anthology
A charmer returns
Horror soundtracks
Welles' famous War of the Worlds broadcast on Radio 4X to...
I want an iPhone
Ramsey Campbell - The Pretence
Nice Twisted Tales event in Manchester with Ramsey et al
HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film trailer
From Thomasb: "This Man Must Die": Thought on "Breaking B...
Meme Horror
Bizarre sprinting creature
The Freak Zone - Horror Film Music
Guards! Guards! On stage in November
My father's long, long legs
The Northampton Clown
Calling Tony Lovell
Name the film from the tagline...
Interzone #248
Really Nickynobble?
From Thomasb: Thoughts on "Joyland" by Stephen King
Yet another one gone. This is a bad year
New from the Exaggerated press!
Films of 2013
Please help
From Thomasb: "Montalbano Bellissimo!"
Bringing the Dead to Book
Bookstock event in North London
Bad covers for classic books
Truly international!
Today I learned...
Under the Skin
They crawl over the outside of buildings more than they w...
Ben Wheatley to adapt JG Ballard's High-Rise
"American Horror Story"
Mike Winters RIP
I thought the return of the Great Old Ones would be a bit...
V/H/S - horror anthology film
Amazing rubbish
Interesting little meme I just found...
Dutiful to the Dead
Have a look at this
From Thomasb: Thoughts on a "A Delicate Truth" by John le...
Sparking Neurones at The Teeming Brain
Soul masque
An odd request, but can anyone think of...
Why do you deserve a free Weirdmonger?
Adam Nevill turns to ghost
The Public Bar
Grim gonzo modern fantasy horror plot generator
I've discovered the world's most frightening Sweets!! ...
The landlord speaks...
Films of 2012
From Thomasb: The Butchertown Chronicles
The Great James Bond Debate
The Devil's Plantation
Don't know if this will work
Semi-pro submission call
What Are You Reading 2013
The Tree Creature
Illegal download site
Virtue in Danger - by Reggie Oliver
Machen on Radio 4
To never become what they're not...
An Evening of Lovecraftian Horror with Ramsey Campbell
What Have You Just Added To Your TBR Pile... And Why? (2...
Filthy Creations
Lovecraftian light switches
The Tractate Middoth/M.R. James documentary
Bloody Scotland competition
Radio 4's version of Clive Barker's The Forbidden
A Little Something on James Gandolfini and the New Breed ...
RIP Richard Matheson
Statue Stools
RIP Iain Banks
Free Neil Gaiman Podcast Download
"Are Stieg Larsson and Dan Brown a match for literary fic...
Favourite words
MySpace query
Horror or Crime?
Just put two of my own favourite photos at fhe link here....
Conjure House
Suspiria - the restaurant
Grave Encounters
Too Much Horror Fiction
Good enough to eat
Stuart Sutcliffe
Lovecraft in The Guardian
Important debate
A productive start to the bank holiday weekend
RUBBER trailer
Machen to be discussed on Radio 4 tonight
The Theatrical event of the decade
Challenge Me To A Top Ten List... with a pint for every c...
Stevie's Horror Oscars
The Last Balcony
From Thomasb: Thoughts on "Hell is Empty" by Craig Johnso...
Writing's a dangerous business
Joe Hill
What they saw in the sky
Yet another one gone
The El Greco hand signal
Find what you love and let it kill you
From Thomasb: Thoughts on "The Art of Character" by David...
The Beatles gig that never was
This. Should. Be. Amazing.
Coincidences 2
Into The Wood
Not much time - but some of you guys might have something...
From Thomasb: Now Playing in Your Living Room: "The Hobbi...
Dark Minds Press
What's the point of rhetorical questions?
Printed Papers - postage rates
From Thomasb: Thoghts on "The Nightcomers" by Eric Ambler...
Asylum of the Daleks
What if Dr Seuss wroteThe Call of Cthulhu?
From Thomasb: To Hell and Beyond, Through Far Away Eyes
James Herbert RIP
Bargain of the frickin decade!!!
The 100 best *EVER* list
Burn the poor
My Typo-Hunters
Scary shit
'Ramsey Campbell: An Appreciation'
The Return of Thomasb: "Savage Peace" and "The Master"...
The Financial Fuckbubble
Cern Zoo is here
The Happening
Hopper vs Malkovitch vs Damon vs the other one
What are you writing?
Spare Parts
From Thomasb: I'm Not Watching the Oscars!
8 New and Necessary Punctuation Marks
Game Of Thrones
Characters you must never be in the movies...
Twisted Tales of Serial Murder in Liverpool Friday 22nd F...
The Wet Room - inspired by Dickens' The Signalman
A review to die for
Being Human season 5
Good memories.
The Following
Disney Star Wars stuff.
Barbarella series
From Thomasb: Donald Westlake and the New Parker Movie
The Baby's Room
Stories wanted for new Eibonvale Press anthology
Yes! I love it when people give films this much thought.
Real-Time Reviewing etc.
A Season in Carcosa
So, my friend...
From Thomasb:Now Playing in Your Living Room
What movie bad guys do you root for and why?
A bit of wonder;
HWA Stoker preliminary ballot.
The rise of the ghost town
The Mask Behind the Face competition
From Thomasb: The Dark Knight Rises and . . .
Has there ever been a stupider list?
Books Read in 2012
More cosmic horror, but longer this time
So what did you think of the Christmas Doctor Who?
The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies
Dark humor from Reagan?!
Just a thought...
Alternate Christmas films
A Spectral Tale for Christmas (by Anonymous)
What Are You Reading? (10)
The Girl
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from ThomasB
Seasonal chiller
Favourite books of 2012
Grimm up north
W**ch is w**se, p**b or f**k ?...
See you in January, Ramsey!
Stock Horror Plots We All Love...
Hapy birthday Stevie!
Donald Westlake
Sir Patrick Moore RIP
From Thomasb: On George Smiley
Dracula 3D
Hornet Nest
Let's Drink To The Dead
My favourite horror image of the year so far
'Ghost Story'?
Aparitions 2
From Thomasb: My Action-Packed Date with Halle Berry!
A piece of my writing has been read by millions
Films of 2011 so far...
The Founders Of Science Fiction As Literature - Discuss
Is this a sign I've made it?
A fun exercise courtesy of Gary Fry
Misfits season 3
Egging on the Bacon
The Haunted Bookshelf
From Thomasb: "Red Dawn: Greatest Movie of All--Oops Sorr...
Des and Cordelia's Face
Red Dawn Remake - Farce and Worry
From Thomasb: Now Playing in Your Living Room: "Moonrise ...
Newcastle Winter Book Festival
Megazanthus Press
Penda's Fen
Lars Von Trier's Antichrist
From Thomasb: "McTeague" by Frank Norris
COMPETITION: Win one of ten copies of Tom Fletcher's THE ...
Red, White and Blue
RIP Clive Dunn
Fiction Collaborations
The Weird
Haunted Air by Ossian Brown
Y'golonac dances
Octane by Stephen Volk
From Thomas: Son of the Attack of the Halloween Grinch
Dealing with telemarketers the eldritch way
Out of body experience short
New Ancient Burial Ground
If you'd like to see Aickman films on DVD please sign thi...
Science explains the physics in The Call of Cthulhu
A couple of links for Halloween!
Festival of Fantastic films 2012
The latest Sein und Werdun looks like fun
The Small Press Ark
Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney!
The Washington Post
Who's Life is it Anyway?
Halloween Treat !
Wordland 3 Call for submissions
Evil Dead teaser trailer
Beware, Ramsey . . .
James Herbert
In the Dark Half
Question for Ramsey
Dark Conspiracies featuring Ramsey Campbell, Simon Bestwi...
GHOSTS KNOW (With some slight spoilers)
Difficult Fiction
From Thomasb: "Interesting Times: Signals and Blessings
Dear God, on what plane of Hell is THIS taking place?...
Aykbourne article
Special offer
Halifax Ghost Story Festival
Love and marriage...and sinisterness.
Angels and Astronauts
Story submissions wanted
At last.
Let the Right One in - the sequel?
From Thomasb: "The Butchertown Chronicles:#5"
'Arrow Video'?
Quizzed on Lovecraft
Another conference invitation
From Thomasb: "Dreams and Days at the Races"
Cabin in the Woods
Long Lankin
For those who were at FantasyCon this year...
I’m Ramsey Campbell. I write horror.
The Moon
Nothing makes your point quite like stripping naked and s...
Lost and found
Silent horror this October
From Thomasb: Thoughts on "The Distance" by Eddie Muller...
Straight to the top of my TBR pile
Wordland 2 Hi Honey, I'm Home OUT NOW!
A question of grammar...
Paradox generator
Thana introduced by Ramsey
Dragon's Den
Andy Williams RIP
Andy Busby / Kirk S King ?
Ramsey Campbell interviewed for The Gothic Imagination
The Faceless
What's this out at sea?
Why so few Campbell film adaptations?
Fear and Desire
From Thomasb: "The Butchertown Chronicles"
Dead relatives.
Let's Eat Monsters
Ramsey, Zed, Simon et al live in Manchester
Forever Autumn
Enemies at the Door
Can I be your friend?
The Brothel Creeper
Godzilla for President
Missing silence.
Petition to bring back the Pan Book of Horrors
CHAINMAIL - the movie?!
Thomasb returns: "The Sick Box"
Special offers
Stephen King towns
Blackpool ghosts
Harper Voyager to accept unagented manuscripts in October
Coming soon from Gray Friar Press...
Night Gallery Season 2
Mass Tuckerization Project
The Killer Bs!!!!!
Clint does a supernatural
New Blatty! New haunted house!
Where Furnaces Burn
The Last Balcony
Dexter Season 4
Twilight Zone Podcast
Alien Blu Ray Bargain!
All Hallows - has it gone?
Attack the Block
Close Encounters for the next generation: Sorry Prof, new...
Mark Speight
I've gone and done it ...
Any other John Adams fans here?
Busy Blood
A depressed whale
Scientists proclaim human and animal consciousness the sameu
Black Bxx: Haunted
Bad news
Happy birthday
Vote for a ghost
Brief movie quiz
Berberian Sound Studio - sounds good!
One Last Step
Hadron collider sabotaging itself from the future
Me in Ex Occidente
A curious headline
Instant Classic, Inc.
Three Skins Without Men
This won't leave me!
There's an unnameable, unimaginable thing in my basement
Another charity thing....(apologies)
The eyes of a crusader
Facial Justice
Some news from Dracula's gaff
Antiviral by Brandon Cronenberg
Random thought
Old Peculier Crime Novel Award
The case of the doll
Among the Leaves by Joel Lane
Thought for the night
The Grin's Grin
Eau de Lovecraft
Wheatley revealed
Remembering Manly
Another good friend gone
Two free new stories by me and Des!
A correspondence
Too late for a bargain
Help Me Choose Between These Ramsey Campbell Books?
The Sign of a Psychopath
In case you don't have enough books ...
Weird Fiction Review questionnaire
Glorious 39
Classic from the 90s?
The Sight & Sound poll
From Thomasb: Another Award for "Dragon's Ark"!
Brad Anderson does Fringe
Awe is good for your health
I like the look of this! (with thanks to Lord P)
Government proposes massive copyright landgrab
Book covers
More of a shine
A Wicker Man remake I'd like to see...
Little Baby's Ice Cream - horrific advert
So what do we think about the nasty stuff?
Quick survey
Doctor Who meets HPL
A Leathery affair
Non-horror horror stories
From Thomasb: "Invisible Romans" by Robert Knapp
Black Static
Bane killings.
Katherine Mansfield
Coffee with Neil Young & Jonathan Demme
David Icke
That's Magic!
Tentacular and rich - or - Spare and lean
Old Bowie interview
Graham Joyce interviewed by Claire Massey
And in other news - me related this time
Classical Music
Edgar Wallace Mysteries...
Interesting competion but not much time left
Vampires in Manchester on Sunday
Summer 2012
Four for Fear
Coincidence Diary
Euro 2012
Possibly the greatest song ever written
RIP Jon Lord
R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine
I'm real-time reviewing a great book...
Help save my language!
Re-animator: The Musical
Fiction Comparisons
HIs early career wan't easy
Too much information??
Let the right One In
Internet gubbins and bobbins...
Thomasb Rises from the Grave: ""One Special Eye"
Free e-book offer
The Unsettled Dust - A Radio Four Appreciation of Robert ...
Google gabble
What would make life easy?
Call for submissions for new Eibonvale anthology
Ray Bradbury.
Charles L Grant
A moan and a question...
Walkers In The Dark
Thomasb Again: "Thoughts on Two Killings"
I'm Prometheus Bound
Laird Barron? And more for the TBR pile
Classical Horror - Guidelines
Tokyo Gore Police
With Olympics round the corner
Does a rise in horror fiction coincide with a rise in the...
The Uninvited (1944)
A new story from an old RCMBer
This Is Horror (FAO Messrs McMahon & Bestwick)
Horror Poetry
Blog post
A new medium for horror writing
From Thomasb: "A Pause in the Madness."
Twisted Tales - doing events again
Do horror writers ever write about anything nice?
Olympic torch relay
Geekiest anagram ever?
From Thomasb: Thoughts on PNIN by Nabokov
Paying to get your book reviewed
Stephen King's Top Ten Books
John Connolly
Depraved Penguins
'O Fortuna'...
A good buy?
Photography - strange and eerie places
Book smell for ebooks
From Thomasb: "Unfinished Business #12: Not in New York.
A book I may need to check out. Just look at the reviews
Simon Maginn's SHEEP - Now an ebook
The zombie apocalypse has begun
Why the bodysnatchers are 18
A rather basic question
From Thomasb: "The 50 Percent Theory"
13 More Great Stories by Ramsey Article
What Are You Reading? (9)
To earn a living from writing, is it best these days to w...
It's over
Melodram Patheticism
Nightbreed - the TV series
From Thomas: A "Strong Opinion."
I wish I was joking
Am I an utter bollock for being excited about this?
Paranormal Activity 2
Monster Book for Girls author's newspaper interviews
Ramsey to be Guest of Honour for the Bram Stoker Awards™ ...
Fantastic Films Weekend
Another Earth
From Thomasb: "Interesting Times."
For Other Jonathan Carroll Fans On Here
The Lovely Bones - the film adaptation
The Crying Game
Something a little different
From Thomasb: "You Say 'Go'; I Say 'Goch' . . . ."...
Exciting News! DRAGON'S ARK wins 3rd Place 2012 IPPY Awar...
Congrats to those on BFS Awards shortlist!
Letters from Lovecraft
BFI to release Ghost Story DVDs
From Thomasb: "The Ambler Inheritance" and a PSA
Ripped off
RIP John Christopher (Samuel Youd)
For those who liked The Killing
Underrated little gems of Movies - Anyone got any?
Wrecking Ball
Small Worlds
Me like
You win some, you lose some
The Woman in Black 2
For HPL fans in New York ...
Films of 2010 so far...
The Return of the Horror Anthology Movie
Julia's Eyes
Anthony Hopkins is Alfred Hitchcock
And Now For Some Lovely News
Titanic Horror
From Thomasb: Dick Clark, "The Expats" by Chris Pavone,...
HPL as "agony aunt"
Conversation with an automaton
Sign up for Nightbreed!
Horrifying commercials
BANNED: The Human Centipede Part Two
Hate speech
The worst thing you've ever read.
From Thomasb: "Asocial Networks #2" and "California Storm...
Sweeny Todd
From Thomasb: "The Asocial Networks#1: 15 Years of Online...
Interesting times ahead
Happy Easter!
Crazy Clown Time
Nodding Disease
MRJ at the BBC
Err...More Ebook Stuff
From Thomas Burchfield: An Author replies to a review; an...
Silent Voices, by Gary McMahon
Tales of the Weak & the Wounded
'A Voyage To Arcturus' by David Lindsay - Stevie attempts...
A bit depressing that the Art of Pessimism has not retain...
How film classifications change
Cthulhu meets...Transformers!?
Wordland 2 is open for submissions
Another question for the landlord . . .
From Thomasb: "The Butchertown Chronicles: Angle of Resea...
Being Human
Manchester Monster convention
Real-Time Rites of Passage
How many errors can you find in this article...
Question for Senor Campbell . . .
Another charity anthology
Are you ready?
Spare Parts
A bit of good news for Alan Garner fans!
BBC Lovecraft article
FAO Prof Fry
The Monster Book for Girls
Charlie sums it up beautifully
What an exciting day I have ahead of me
No on-line check-in
Interviewing authors
Times Square
Wild Justice (ed. by Ellen Datlow)
From Thomasb: "Thoughts on 'Chronicle'"
Cosmic terror
Eibonvale Anthology submissions: "Where Are We Going?"...
See how clever you are
From Thomasb: "The Son Also Sets: Dmitri Nabokov"
RIP Philip Madoc
Tartarus Press Contemporary Fiction
Found this one genuinely unsettling
Elder Gods on a shoestring
Death of a Believer
A thoroughly modern version of the monster book for girls
Mexcian ghost movie
Louisiana Red
Film question
Future Proof
Thomasb on "Clooney in Hawaii, German Cops in Venice."...
An alternative title
I'm revealed as the unreasonable swine I am
Weber does it again
The One-Click, Next-To-No-Cost Culture
(for Stevie's eyes only) House for sale!
The Garden of Earthly Delights
Short creepy video . . .
R.I.P. Marie Colvin
My Promise Not to Watch the Oscars; "The Artists" etc....
Character composites, literally
First review of ISIS UNBOUND
Advice on places to stay for AltFiction?
Beyond the Black Rainbow
FrightFest 2011
Ebook for my IPAD
A psychic squirms
Quoth the raven...
A New Screenplay "The Uglies: A Crime Saga" and Why I Wro...
A Story for a Painting
Horror in Manchester
A thought...
Positively Jamesian
My current favourite video. Amazing.
For God's sake, say something interesting!
My Screenplay THE UGLIES now for sale as an e-book.
Ramsey Campbell's First Labour Government
I want to see your photos and your direct or associated a...
Ash-Tree Press eBook News
British Films
The Scariest Ghost Movies of All Time?
The Dark Web
Spook City
Treat for The Office fans . . .
You've read one horror author, you've read them all
Top five regrets of the dying
Just for you Caroline
Bizzaro fiction
"Notes from a Cat Whispere 2," plus John Dickson Carr...
Robert Aickman / Tartarus Press
Word game
The HA of HA
Moby Dick typed on toilet paper
Expen the Scusil
Festivals/writing events, anyone?
Buckingham Road underpass?
My latest theatrical performance!!!
Beyond The Duncwich Horror...apparently
5 stars for a fiver!
Notes from a Cat Whisperer
Better book titles
That's Magic!
The funniest things happened today ...
EBook News from Ash-Tree
The Monster Roars at last
Protocols of Antisemitism
For Ramsey: Top Ten Books?
George Lucas In Love
Quantum Chronicles in the Eleventh Dimension
It's the "great films from bad books" thread
Ray Garton
Apologies to those not in mainland Britain
Identify an old horror novel
Wordland 1 Twilight is on-line
Cone Zero / Zencore
"Well, I'm Big in Brazil" More Thought on Online Writing"...
Haywire review
James Herbert adaptation
"2012: A Few Favorite Things" by Thomasb
Get back on board!
Just thought I'd share this...
Coastal terrors
What do folk think about this?
Books read in 2011
Nazareth Hill - the movie?
The Veteran
There's something more horrific about non-horror than hor...
I thought Friday 13th was supposed to be unlucky?
More A. M. Burrage in eBook
PS Publishing Showcase featuring Ramsey at Waterstone's L...
New Short Story Collection: "Tales of the Weak & the Woun...
Simon Bestwick in eBook
Uncomfortable plot summaries
Mrs Midnight by Reggie Oliver
What Are You Reading? (8)
Many Happy Returns, Ramsey!
Mmmmm, soft drinks!
Harry Paterson on Thatcher
The Omega Factor
The Divide
Rules for writing: Franzen
Joel Lane: The Earth Wire
Juan of the Dead
A quick general knowledge quiz for the new year
What's the best mobile internet?
Best New Horror Four stories
A Story for the New Year
TERROR TALES OF THE LAKE DISTRICT - my first antho as editor
The End of Twisted Tales
Music sales and piracy
A special quiz just for Mr Fry
Between These Pages, These Places
How beautiful is this?
The Seven Days of Cain
Christmas reading
Question for anyone who's seen The Hospice film (those at...
New years eve toast (a little late)
MRJ's No. 13
Silence will fall
Dipping our toes in the e-book pool
Twisted Tales nominated twice for the This Is Horror 'Eve...
Steve Duffy in Ash-Tree eBooks
Estronomicon Christmas Special
Ramsey and Mr Dyson
Graham Joyce
The Dark Knight Rises
THE DEVIL'S ROCK - trailer online
The Chi-b(3P)
Here Comes The Nice
YouTube can be wonderful . . .
Wordland 2 submission call
The Hobbit
Just googled my name and found this
Cosmic horror in a music video
The advert they tried to ban . . .
Too late to ask you people for an xmas present?
Joe Dante's The Hole
Desert Island Horror Stories
The Scar
Strange Epiphanies by Peter Bell
Red Dragon
Owl Service today, radio 4 extra.
Happy Christmas/Holiday to Everyone Here at the RC site!
Google Earth
The Matrix trilogy/picture quality in film
Scattered body parts found in Northants
Free Xmas horror
Is Facebook down?
Is someone in the house???
Happy Christmas to all those who celebrate it. To those w...
All Hallows all well?
Print run of six = £300K
Trash films or Obscure gems...
Ebook fun
Thoughts on Karate Kid remake
Sneaking in Between the Cracks
Black Mirror
Another Essay by thomasb on "The Sisters Brothers" by Pat...
Very very very good news...
Murder by Decree
Bradbury, Kerouac, Mailer answer 1963 kid's questions on ...
The Cabin in the Woods
In which I gibber, at some length
Context is everything
Christmas wish lists?
Still more Stuff on DRacula, plus some photos.
W.H. Pugmire has been hospitalised
Anyone else here on strike tomorrow?
A sample for folk on the fence
Your One-Stop Shopping Destination
Where the Heart Is
'The Guide'
Fantasycon 2012
Illegal downloads
DEADFALL HOTEL Excerpted in the Weird Fiction Review
Blogged again have I
The English Ghost
Zombie walk (looks like fun)
A couple of new interviews
The Death of Ken Russell
Interview with a book collector: Mark Valentine
My new novel
The Christmas Present by Ramsey?
Murder by Decree
Twisted Tales of the Weird West, 6-8pm Friday 25th Novemb...
Sinescope Journal
A Question For Those Of You Who Have Published Collections
Karl Edward Wagner - BFS publishes last ever interview
Another Essay on Movie Draculas
Nightingale Songs by Simon Strantzas
Graham Joyce: The Silent Land
Halifax Ghost Story Festival
Horror Games
Mistake in the Twisted Tales Competition
The Fades
Next up, the Holy Grail...
"Read This Book": an essay on self-promotion.
John Martin: Apocalypse
A Season in Carcosa
Kim Newman's review of The (New/Prequel) Thing
World Fantasy 2012
A little something for the children
My Review of The Long Way
Halloween Horrors
Estronomicon Halloween Special
My Love Affiar with Marble Racing
Amazon reviews
"Colorado Morning":New essay on my Web Page
"Barking Dog" : Short Story by Yours Truly
Do you find the more you get of something the more you wa...
The Horror Tree -- Author submission resource
Film Festival time
The Doll: The Lost Short Stories
New Book From Gray Friar Press
Zombie time!!!
Well I'm finally sold on the idea
Twisted Tales Occult Horror Event: Featuring Ramsey Campb...
Jordan Reyne
Twisted Tales House of Fear Event and Related Content
Reading/lecture on H. P. Lovecraft's 'The Shadow Over Inn...
Another Tony Lovell Cover
Me wittering on again
Ash Tree Press
GREETINGS: New Books and Sale Pricing
Film thread: Where Frank shall keep to one thread
FLASHBACK by Dan Simmons
Fantasycon and fans...
Deceit and Self-Deception
Chester Library
For Craig: a view on the Wall Street protestors
Rare Doctor Who script being auctioned for charity
25 Things You Should Know About Writing Horror
Fantasycon 2011
Ramsey et al at Ilkley Literature Festival
Don't know how much you Americans have heard about this.
We're all immune to news
An Essay on Research I'm Doing for . . . .
My first
Legal advice requested...
The Poe Movie
Small town chills this Xmas . . .
Blood On Satan's Claw - The Panto!
An essay on an old photo
Proof of global warming...
Dr Who bumf
The Ritual
David Lynch: The 3 R's
Stephen King writing a sequel to The Shining.
Wanted - another film like 'The Child'!
And they say dogs are clever...
Grinding away
New from theExaggeratedpress
Orson Welles, "The Fountain of Youth"
She Wants Revenge
Little Star
Twisted Tales Halloween Event: House of Fear, from 6-8pm ...
Large Hadron Collider
JLP's House of Mortal Cinema
An Essay on "Boardwalk Empire."
One New Penny Per Word Market
The Doctor's Night Terrors
The fanboy thread
A writing competition
Nre Dr Who audio drama - HEXAGORA
The Cable of Doom
'Tis the season for shameless self-promotion
Only Connect
Nicholas Cage the Eternal One
The Dead
An Essay on Reading for Writers
Copyright material
Great Horror Movies by directors not usually associated w...
I'm going to be spending the night in a haunted house ton...
Mass Culture
Two of the coolest cakes I've ever seen
Are You Embarrassed by Horror
A flag for the battle against ebooks
A review of Contagion by Soderbergh
Lovecraftian Magnetic Poetry
Name that film
A betrayal of trust
Lecter: TV series!!!!!!!!!!
A 'controversial' top twenty horror authors of all time...
Moviemaker 2002 list of the greatest directors of all time
Darker Minds - Open for Submissions
Vintage horror speaks: Ramsey
Human Centipede 2: The Full Sequence
Who here baths alone?
R.I.P. Cliff Robertson
Just found these
Ramsey Campbell interviewed by Adam Nevill for Twisted Tales
A Brief Oddball Tribute to Italy
The Signal Block and Other Stories
DFL Readings Aloud
Apollo 18
Resurrecting: The Street Walker
Continuity of Self
Quick quiz
Trying to trace a 'lost;' story
Facebook posts...
At the Mountains of Madness
Top 10 haunted house films and novels/stories
Under The Dome
Infection and zombie infection
Matt Busch`s Conjure, starring Matt Busch
Put the Fuhrer in the cupboard
Intreresting Kim Newman review
An Essay on a Peacemaker, Another on Online Writing
Voices from the past
Wake Wood (Hammer)
Tony come back to us!
The Orphan; a new horror film is actually good!
What Are You Reading? (7)
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!!!
A book everyone should have
The Weird
New Review On My Web Site
13 of the best
A Review of Nicholas Royle's 'The Director's Cut.'...
Des: important philosophical issue
Last night I did something I haven't done for many years
Alt.ghost story festival
Ray Bradbury day
On vampires and talking chairs...
The 'new' Hellraiser and CB's 'apparent comments' by Twit...
Drive-in 3
Before We Leave For FrightFest...
"What Spooks the Masters of Horror?"
Preview of Nicholas Royle's new novel 'Regicide'
Jimmy Sangster R.I.P.
Hippo Bathday
Essay on Christopher Lee as Dracula
Shamelessly nicked from Jonathan Carrolls facebook page
Robert E Howard - The Whole Wide World
The Witch Child of Pendle
The History of Science Fiction
Top 100 Fantasy Books
Comfy Crime
RIP Colin Harvey
Great Screen Draculas: Bela Lugosi.
Spatial anomalies in The Shining
New Anthology
Separated at birth
Magic Realism
In memory of...
Anyone into the Black Books of Horror?
Director: David Gladwell's 'Requiem For A Village.' (1975...
Hogwash and Bum Note
Sophie Lancaster: Three Years On
And now a little light relief...
For Weber
I see Boris and Cameron are finally on their way back...
The End of the Affair
Immoral films?
More About Independent Publishing
Amusing methinks
Hobo with a Shotgun
The bogeyman and other childhood myths
Hooray For Herzog
Urban Horror in manchester. August 13th
Happy Birthday, Caroline
What makes your imagination grow?
The loneliness of analogue
Adjusting Book Titles
Rhysop's Fables
Film I won't be watching...
Good looking new antho (not sure about the title) . . . ...
Thomas's "Book Tour" and Other Matters.
Unable to post links
Hellbound Hearts: The Influence of Clive Barker on 21st C...
Fun question (Ramsey fantasy films)
Hammer Horror boxset question
Ramsey reprints
Do Not Pass Go
Frank's Collection
Is writing a 'product'?
Secret identity of an unassuming author
My missus and youngest's charity Windermere swim
Best description I've seen on an ebay item...
Amy Winehouse has died
A "modern" audience?
Am I the only one?
Ginger Nuts
Is this one of the most perfect songs ever written?
Anyone going to see Ramsey in Manchester on Monday?
The Concrete Grove - It's here!
Island of Lost Souls
Reasons to be paranoid
FantasyCon 2011
Your Very First Story
Great Movie Draculas: Max Schreck as Nosferatu.
Ginger Nuts of Horror
Monsters in our midst
British Fantasy Awards shortlist
Tonight's viewing
Does anyone remember this notorious lost TV show?
The End of the World: The paper that died of shame....
Horror DVDs... finds, bargains, etc.
The Vanishing Life and Films of Emmanuel Escobada
How to Fix Horror
On Independent Publishing & Eric Ambler
The Jolly Giallo Thread
House of Fear
Imaginary Friends
Peter Falk R.I.P
Best and worst movie taglines
Marty Greenberg
District 10
The Game
Sunny in England
Anyone got $65.000?
Grudge (remake)
X Men films
Who signing worth going to
Glistenberry Festival
Gene Colan RIP
And again
King 8, Hutson 3
Link Arms With Toads!
Bus boy
Chomu Press's Prize Draw - more added
An interview with ME!! (I've name dropped a few of you)...
Twisting the tale
Writing a text book for penguin
X Men films
Tony's Front Cover Images for Ha of ha
British Library archive
Bloody War At Last
SF exhibition at British Library
Who would you like to 'rewrite' a book?
My Top Ten Campbell Short Stories Article
Worming the Harpy returns
Tonight's films
Horror movie high points
NEVER AGAIN: table of contents and preorders
The internet is a false friend
Horror Novel High points - try to avoid spoilers
Freedom of Information requests
Burchfield on "The French Revolution"
Peter Tennant's Reviews
Starburst #3
The Great e-book Debate
Awaiting Rapture
Flogging myself shamelessly
Silence Fell, thank God
Shameless plug - "ill at ease" now available
The Brothel Creeper hardback
Stories and articles wanted for wordland
Greatest Children's TV shows
Chance Treasures From An Unfair Lottery
What Have You Just Added To Your 'To-Be-Read' Pile... And...
Midnight Street interview and story
Some playing cards were feeling left out
Burchfield Yet Again: Part 2 of My Thoughts on "Dracula"...
On Writing
A presenter on the edge
RIP Zippy
V.S. Naipaul
Fantastic Films Weekend goes retro!
Dontcha just love Charlie?
The horror news story that disappeared
Poor Kids documentary
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
Books for sale
Wine and Rank Poison by Allyson Bird
Review, Interviews, and General Book Pimpage
Why am I posting here at such an ungodly hour?
It's JLPodcast Time!
Sitcoms: UK vs US (comedy smackdown)
Any Laurel & Hardy fans on here?
Night Voices
The sands of time
Burchfield Again, Again, Humoring on World War II Movies
Latest music news
Confession Box
When and how did you first encounter HP Lovecraft?
Film education
More Thought on "Dracula"
Aging Space Warriors Invade Aylsbury!
Tull in outer space
A Chemistry of Genres
FREE Ramsey download
What inspires you?
Worrying scam
The Wave
Spectral Press
Anyone going to AltFiction?
House of Fear
Joe Hill signing in the UK again
The "H" Word
Top 10 "X Files" Episodes
Are we the only ones?
Terra Damnata by James Cooper
All rapes are equally serious
The Tunnel
Attention Master Campbell!
Clive Gregson
Favourite Novels
Philip Roth
Please tell me this is irony
Manchester's not safe this Saturday
A Review of "Bleak House" by Thomas Burchfield
It's not always the guilty who have the darkest secrets ....
A date for your diaries - I've done a little event organi...
"The Killer Inside You" - New Twisted Tales Event
China Miéville Book Launch - New Twisted Tales Event
Talk about fortuitous publicity!
Artemis 81
Zed - :-(...
Dexter meets Crime and Punishment
Embiggening my psyche
Troll 2 - Best Worst Movie?
Dead Bait 2
What metters most?
Is nobody writing about the 21st century?
What Are You Reading (6)
Burchfield on "Writing for Free"
Elizabeth Sladen - RIP
The happy thread
Astral projection in Saw director's new film, "Insidious"...
WHC Texas 2011
Burchfield Pundits on bin Laden
Happy Star Wars day everyone!!!
Need cash
New Dr Who cover
Interesting item on Ebay
Short Stories & E-Readers
The End of the 50 ft Woman
Recent hol
The Dark Tower - by Stephen King
The Crimson Petal and the White
Best performance ever by a carrot in any music video
Ding Dong
The Dark in the Grin
What to do today
BFS Open Night York
Jack Bauer is dead!
Dirty Prayer
I Once Considered Collection Every Single Edition of "Dra...
The Royal Wedding
Source Code
Read the Pendragon BFA nominees for free
Bronx Warriors Weekend
Scream 4
I'm back on his rolodex
I love it
28 Apes Later?
Best Worst Horror Movies
A Humorous Essay on Public Speaking
RIP John Sullivan
Hello all
"Dead Bad Things"
Can't think of a title
An inspired name
The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
The Children's Hour
A bit of comedy
A New Essay by Burchfield on Self-Publishing and . . .
New King short
Le orme/Footprints on the Moon (1975)
"Conan's Nan"
Talking of things from under flat stones...
The Orphanage
RIP Sidney Lumet
Lesser known work by the great and the good
"DRagon's Ark" by Thomas Burchfield, now available on Ama...
The Dispearance of Alice Creed
Fermat's Room
Epistolary Fiction
Can I kill someone?
The Tower
Expositional dialogue
Creepy Crawley
Thomas Tries to Explain "Dragon's Ark"
Genre for Japan
Urban Ghost Story
Valhalla Rising
Cujo (flm)
Princeton Press and Zombie Book For All Real Zombie Scholars
Alas, another friend
Question time again
Usurp-Phobia (Fear of Being Replaced)
Time for a Doctor Who Quiz!
Where to go in Greece?
Just coz i think it's funny
Favourite Ramsey book cover?
Philip Larkin and Death
Loose Ends
Auction For A Good Cause
Save our public services
A New Essay by Burchfield on Nabokov
Pet Sematary (film)
The Dyson-Campbell show
The Adjustment Bureau
April Derleth
George Shaw, artist
Elizabeth Taylor
It's not every day that . . .
New Book Pimpage (Tony doesn't have to look)
Interview with a Vampire
A shit sandwich of films
Nice genre stuff in Bradford this month
RIP Michael Gough
The Ultimate Existentialist Horror
Burchfield Staggers in Again
Dealing with bullies
Four Books, Four Months
What's looming?
Is Creative Writing a form of Magic (plus hard work) or j...
Kimota Anthology
Atheist Tales
Wonders of the Smugverse
Short notice but...
How to unnerve your neighbours...
New horror films
Best use I've seen of 3D...
On Not Writing
"S. T. Joshi" email
'Null Immortalis' is here!
Anyone in or around Leeds on Saturday March 12th?
Beware, My Brethren!
Women in Horror Month
'Amerika' by Karim Ghahwagi
The Orphan
Unsuspected depths
Jeepers Creepers
"Wonders of the Universe"
International Women's Day
A Serbian Film
Lennon and hermeneutics
The Entity
Things you'd like to see
Angels of the Silences
Plugs for published stuff.
Midnight Echo #5
World Book Night
You guys are doing it ALL wrong....
The Devil's Rock
Late night film...
Seven Days of Cain U.S. print?
Flannery O'Connor; a writer's home
2012 / Zion
Nick Courtney, Doctor Who legend, RIP
Most Valuable Story Ever! Endless fame guaranteed!
Wordland pre opening guidelines
Blake Morrison interview.
Don't Read This Thread!
Realism at last
Again, I'm Not Watching the Oscars
David H. Keller, M.D.
Black Static magazine
You need this
The Girl Who Played With Fire
HOW much?
Where comedy tips over into horror
Never Let Me Go Truly Slipstream
Film question
"Snake in The Alley: Lee Van Cleef's Film Noir."
Argento's "Dracula"?
Anyone in Harrogate?
Is this the new face of zombies, video games, movies, pro...
Two Things . . . .
Father Fanthorpe on radio 4 in a minute, if anyone's ther...
Monsters in our lakes???
'Null Immortalis' on ballot for Stokers
Solar Flares...
My movies
The Wicker Tree (kind of a sequel to The Wicker Man)
A film challenge
Carson McCullers
The Cry of the Owl
Apu trilogy
Film question
Atlas Shrugged
Hello and Thanks from Thomas B.
Ring a Ring of Roses
Nothing Feels Old
The new Oliver
Ban the Asterisk
Children-driven movies
Frankenstein's Wedding
Tonight's nightmare
Monsters on paper
A great story linked to great literature
Dreams in Ramsey Campbell's works
The Brothel Creeper
Google "The Wild Bunch" and "Justin Bieber"
Hadn't got no butt.
The Conformist
Bull Running for Girls
Google logo for 8/2/11
Beyond the Grab of Google
Haunted Theme Park!
Kindle Horror
Burchfield Staggers In . . . .
Death in Venice
Great news for Tel
'Conjure' By Mark West...
The Filthiest Book
What is Wrong with Certain Authors
US Vintage
Twisted Tales at Liverpool (slight return)
New for Solaris
John Carpenter's The Ward part of the trailer: Yes, Prof,...
The Importance of a Good Title
I Wonder What Human Flesh Tastes Like"
Black Swan
Come Outside
The Day the Earth Disemboweled Itself in Terror
The Church Of All Worlds - let's have a sensible, informe...
Guest Blog
Best of Peeping Tom
Campbell goes nemonymous
Books read in 2010
Culture Corner; The Company of Wolves
Real Work is Annoying and Wrong
Ray Bradbury Versus Damon Knight
BFS Journal
What are you doing at Easter?
Being Human 3
Sherlock Holmes
I want to see/read...
The Beast of Ilkley Moor
Starship Troopers
Belated happy birthday, Des!
CONE ZERO nearly here!
Anyone like a freebie? (a 'zine, that is)
An important announcement: PLEASE READ
When Eddy C. Bertin?
Alien 1 ... and 2
Atomic Fez Earns *Two* 'Best of 2010' Picks from "Black S...
1930s Pulp SF
Arizona shootings
Tempe AZ
An Elizabeth Bowen Cornucopia...
Thank you...
Video trailers for books...
The Continuing Adventures of WIkileaks
They were right, after all
My top beliefs
Kicking Zombie's Butt
Quantum of Solace
Bob Monkhouse
The biggest loser
Lovecraft's Progeny?
Censored Twain
Is a book better than film/TV?
Last Man on Earth
Win a copy of John Travis's Novel! (North America)...
Catastrophia review
Take That
The Guardian reviews "Pretty Little Dead Things"
There's no place like home . . . ?
Do you ever feel like you're being picked on?
Short fiction
Drunken Bungalow Monologue
Craig does not exist
It's Burchfield Again, the Curious Man
Genuine ghosts, genuine evil
Heads up
Happy Birthday
My Review of The Grin of the Dark
Estronomicon Christmas special
R.I.P. Pete Postlethwaite
Stop Press:
[hums Twilight Zone music]
Mysterious book
Good cheer qualified by gloom
RIGHT: Time for Some News, Wot?
Xmas Book Haul
Oh, Whistle And I'll Come To You remake
Christmas Doctor Who
Xmas Singsong
End of Year Update from Chômu Press
Maniac (1980)
I'm off
Meloy and Pinborough story
Libertarianism (and my day off)
Anti-Intellectualism in Horror
Drop Dead Fred
The world's a game of football
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Ramsey Campbell and...
Shouldn't we have a "Merry Christmas" thread by now?...
GHOSTS (Crimewave Eleven)
Sod it, can't find the other thread on the subject
Coalition under threat from Cable?
Old movies
Spooky tales, etc on BBC Radio 7
Alan Bleasdale's Oliver Twist
Twelve Days
An exploitative triple bill
Christmas Films at The Proberts
Keep on walking and don't look back....
Jean Rollin RIP
Dark Matter
Is interest gone?
How did you learn to write (and write well)?
Kong horror
Mr. King has been smoking crack
Are we all sadists at heart?
Ghostwriter Publications
The Invisible Quartet
A Quick Plug again
We are but sheep looking for a flock to call our own
The Witnesses are Gone
Macbeth. BBC4. Tonight
Fulfilling one's dream
Audio story
Of interest to those in/near Manchester?
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Why I Don't Like Horror
More fun in dark hall of horror
I defy you to ...
My Christmas Horror Story Article
It's Burchfield Again.
My new favourite singer
THE BEAVER trailer - wtf?!
Weird Wales Event
A. Bertram Chandler
'The Autumn Myth' by Joel Lane
Can't get to BFS in London after all
Check out my beautiful zombie DE LA SALLE brothers
'Weird life'
Who's started their Christmas shopping?
Cern Collider Accident
Combat Horror
Lucifous Jackal
'Mother' by Bong Joon-ho
Agra Aska
Twisted Tales at Liverpool
Just a thought...
Rob Holdstock
We won't call you shirley anymore
The 'Soul' nub'?
Oh, the horror...the horror...
Twisted Tales at Liverpool One Waterstones
Who inspred and and inspires you to write
Peeping Tom
Ingrid Pitt RIP
The Fontana Books Of Great Ghost & Horror Stories
You've never had it so good...
Lovecraft Documentary
Let Me In
Things they are a shiftin' and a shakin'
Sabotage: Tube strike/Unions/Bob Crow
As surreal experiences go...
A spooky venue beckons
The Wire
Bava screening
PARTY PIECES: The Tales of Mary Danby
A Very Long Punt
Me New Web site
Speaking of "New" Web sites . . . .
Typical Cockney Names (for a story)
Harold Pinter
A bit of good news
Pretty Little Dead Things
Where can I send a 10k word horror story?
Shooting kittens with laser blasts...
Culture Corner; Evil Dead
Alien invasion
The Accused
Del Toro and The Hulk?
Dr Who commission in the bag
World Fantasy Award Winnees 2010
Faber Aickmans
Northwest Passages: Christmas offer
Beneath the dark
Battle Los Angles
Zombie list
Past Real-Time Reviews of your work now frozen in book-form
An Exorcist marathon
The End of The Line
Two cheers for democracy?
Suck Your Own Trumpet!
The Places Between
The Thatcher Vision comes to fruition
Advanced Uncorrected Reading Copy of "Dragon's Ark" has a...
My first w*** revisited
Real-Time Reviewing
Pan Horrors
World Fantasy Convention 2012
Poundland strikes again
The End of The Line launch - Foyles, 16th Nov
Shadows - Let's Terrify the Small!
Non-Hooray for Halloween!
Leisure Books
Psychoville Halloween Special
Severed hand found in Marks and Spencer's
Information needed urgently!
Hooray For Halloween!
Gatiss show ends on regretful note
James Herbert OBE
Halifax Ghost Story Festival
Mobile phone used in a charlie chaplain film?
Sarob Press
Shameless (but in a good cause) self promotion
Banking on Romero
Interesting Hollywood sale
The Rite
The Autumn Myth
And he's a friend of ours, you might well know...
The League of Gentlemen's Ghost Chase
Evil Dead game for the iPhone
The Worst Genre Shows
Adam Nevill
Dennis Etchison
The End of 1408
Do you die in your dreams?
The Devil's Backbone
Expected criticism
And On A Lighter Note...
Something else I can't bear to be alone with
Festival of Fantastic Films
Possession (1981)
Scream 4 trailer
Interesting, I thought . . .
A History of Horror
Reading at the British Library
@ Ramsey: An apology
Burchfield at the Red Room: How Do You Read?
The Bothersome Man (2006)
Books in J D Wetherspoon
TTA Press Black Static: Desert Island Anthologies
In order to ease the pain induced by the Chancellor
Ramsey sighting
Enter the Void
Awesome new blog
Hammer to come back to telly?
What you mightn't call a restaurant
John Llewellyn Probert's "Wicked Delights" Rates Publishe...
Wormwood # 15
Hoping to see the Landlord
Lovecraft's language
With Deepest Sympathy
The Bacon tree
RIP, Roy Ward Baker...
New Thing: very bad trailer
NewCon 5
Most ludicrous moment...
RCMB Online fiction
Crushing rooms
Better World Books' Frankensale
The A to Zs of books
Nemonymous Night is Coming
On a lighter note
Anyone here like Pete Crowther?
This is England 86
Why And How Julie Burchill Actually Serves A Useful Purpose
Out and Back
Susan Hill/The Small Hand/Open Book
RIP Norman Wisdom
Sherlock Holmes
Bruce Sterling
Reading festival
Oh Mr Grimsdale
The Seventh Black Book of Horror Charles Black
Janrae Frank
Terry Lamsley
10:10 Video backlash
Ultimate Theme Tunes
BEHOLD: True Grit remade by the Coen Brothers
Pan Horror out today!
Which of these Campbell novels should I read first?
The Two Garies
R.I.P. Tony Curtis
Burchfield at the Red Room . . . Again
Bad news for Finch
How unexpected!!
Big Four-Oh-Sh*t
Technical Assistance Needed ASAP
A personal best
What the hell was that thing?
An apology
Amicus or Hammer?
A Wee Mention in the TLS
Christopher Smith's New film: Black Death
Ex Occidente to fold
FAO Stevie Walsh
Submissions: Horror Stories
Chris Moyles Charity Single- Come On, You Know You Want T...
Salvage (2008) Salvage (2010?)
For Kate
Dario Argento's 'Phenomena' (1984)
Vintage titles to 1968 Horror show
Review of The Ward (No Spoilers) and looking good
The Disappeared
Enough of this positivity!!!
The Deaths of Ian Stone
The British Fantasy Convention thread
A big Thank You from me as well...
Leisure edition of POOL
A very personal thank you
For all those who attended the FantasyCon Saturday Curry ...
Never Let Me Go
@stevie W again
Atomic Fez Starts the September Sale-A-Bration!
'Stranger in the House'
Puns and Wordplay
The Fighter
Protestors against 'the burning of the Koran' shot dead i...
The Ward (Carpenter) has premier without the director...
Ramsey and sword and sorcery?
For Mr Finch
Trailer for CLINT's supernatural film: Herafter
Ultimate movies
A Virus Film With A Difference
Visit from the minister
More news on The Dark Tower films/TV
...and it's about time too!
Fantasycon Panels
New John Ajvide Lindqvist novel
R.I.P Kevin McCarthy
Readings at F'Con
Do you want to be a villain?
Mammoth Horror 21
FantasyCon Saturday Curry Night
Who's eating my book?
The Descent 2
In case Joel needed more proof the internet was evil
Quoting Keats with the dead
"The Chaser"
Oh dear, my very poor first review
Tony Blair - A Journey
Doctor Who Videos....
Johnny M in The Guardian
Dorian Gray
Have you ever heard of...
Spare Parts
Advice please
...not sure what to say...
"...and vinyly..."
A bit less contentious
Solaris cover art - The Concrete Grove
A bit OT, but may be of interest as historical 'horror'...
Me n the master
A review of The Last Exorcism
The Phil Silvers Show...
Italian Horror
Last Call for Fantasycon Curry...!
Burchfield on Cable News Pundits
Monster magnet
They should just open a McDonald's inside it
Friday night at FCon
Long Secret Ponthe Oldenguine History to be Published!!
Because I'm Bored…
The Orphan
Collapse: important documentary
A double bill of shit films
Because I'm bored, here's a
For the little ones
I wonder
Festival of Fantastic Films
Launches at Fantasycon
Ultra ultra low budget German zombie film
Night of the Demons remake: 2009
One more year of grace
Are these really classifiable as ghost movies?
The Horde: Hilarious looking French Zombie Seige movie
Is anyone there?
For Lord P, Kate and Zed: Trashy horror trailers
Back from the Dead - The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror...
Another French movie about zombies: this looks good
Recasting the imaginey remake of Ghost Story
An experiment: feedback requested from me mates
Anyone want these books?
Chavs in horror
A quick indulgent plug
By Jupiter . . .
“What if Lovecraft had Lived into the 1960s?”
Lovecraft, Schrader, Hopper in one movie???
Brad Anderson's new movie: NOW this looks the business
Squid with elbows
Crank phone calls
Eye watering horror trailer
Zombie top 30: some interesting choices
An email that pissed me off - and my response
Catastrophia Launch
Eden lake
Gary Fry
Doghouse: You will probably hate me for putting this up
The Maestro Returns...sort of...J.C. (John Carpenter, not...
S & Man
Another great talent passes
World Fantasy Award Nominations
Lord P, Kate, Craig and Weber: New Saw 3D Film
Real life X file !
Happy Birthday Ray Bradbury!
My Soul To Take: WES CRAVEN
Zombie Apocalypse - Coming Soon!
Hard to believe they made a sequel:
As Promised by Burchfield, Some Thoughts on "Thieving Fea...
Scream Queens
Don't play this at work!
A Real Horror film: The Dead Outside (trailer)
Colt 'Two Bits' Herring...
A question for the London savvy
Ray Bradbury Music Video
Black Swan - new Aronofsky film
"The Passage" by Justin Cronin
I am the bird
Edwin Morgan R.I.P.
DTP Help Needed
World Fantasy Convention Toronto 2012
Battle Royale
What would you be?
Whatever happened to . . .
The End of The Line
Unman, Wittering & Zigo: FREE to a good home!
FANTASYCON 2011: We Go South
Forgive my tastelessness...
Horror Reanimated...
Synecdoche, New York
I'm getting excited!
There Will Be Blood
Paranormal Activity 2: trailer
Announcement: My Novel "Dragon's Ark" will be Coming Out...
OT: Technical help anyone?
Devi's Rock update - for those interested
In The Gloaming Live!
Happy Friday the 13th!
Number One?
Haneke vs Hitchcock
Nigel Kneale's "Beasts"
Yee-ha! Lookit all them apostrophes!
Del Torro production: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
It's Grimm Up North!
New drugs craze in Yorkshire
Why Cage is great
Tony Goes to Hell
Words That You Hate
@stevie W
Ebay stuff - what to do?
My Latest Invention
My childhood home
Abel Ferrara
The Bookburners are coming
Thomas at the Red Room: Anyone Here Joining the Self Publ...
Jane Austen's Fight Club
Sylvia's wedding
Laptop advice - Mick? anyone?
The Deep
Trick 'r Treat
Fantasycon '10 Curry Update
Saw I - VI !
The Bad Seed
Speculative Fiction Junkie
I'm still lurking!
Ideas for New Anthologies
Beneath the Surface by Simon Strantzas
Tokyo/Devil of Nan King
'Lake Mungo'
Paranormal activity
Walking Dead: bootleg bad trailer
At the Mountains of Madness
The Great RCMB CD Exchange
"Drive a Stake Through It: Taking Down 'True Blood'" at t...
Time to dust off the old CV
Fantasy portmanteau movies
Scariest programme on Telly at the moment...
Interviewing Lisa Tuttle
9... 10... Never sleep again...
Cats and Dogs
New set texts
Remembering like Nick Reid . . .?
Jason Goes to Hell - a plea
UK Film Council to go
The Top British Horror Films?
Blue Velvet Interactive
Why does Jason wear the mask?
BFS ON @ The George
The New Version of The Prisoner
For the Welsh among us (and others too)
Well done Peter Tatchell..
Kadin Dusmani (Woman Despiser) - Turkish giallo
I write like...
"Operation Mincemeat" Review at the Red Room
Annoying film trailers
Fantasycon '10 Curry.....
The Concert
An Odessan Story - Ex Occidente
Online review of Ethereal Gazette 10
@ Ramsey or Joe Murr
Jon on Horror
At FantasyCon 2010
Twilight/True Blood parody
Death to remakes! Long live the old flesh!
Review of Donald Westlake's posthumously published "Memor...
Ray Harryhausen, I love you!
Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly
... sweet Jeebuz, now he's getting into it with Christian...
Gun man
World Cup Predictions
The Red Shoes for people who hate ballet
Hostel Three
Edith Wharton
The Worlds of Philip José Farmer
For Giancarlo
Bent Meridian; or the evening gayness in the west
If the Lord & Lady P Version Wasn't Enough...
Brand new anthology
How NOT to start your next novel
Solomon Kane
A Review of Borges's "Collected Fictions" at the Red Room...
Trailer: Director of Cloverfield remakes Let The Right On...
Nothing to do with me
Happy Birthday...
Craig - your professional wisdom is needed.
What Are You Reading? (4)
Fantasycon 2010
When horror meets culture
Bedryl Bainbridge
The great RCMB book exchange
The Conspiracy Against The Human Race
Ship Breaker
FantasyCon 2010
My Doc Who book is happening ... I think!
JP Lindqvist
Kanute of the Year Awards
Yvette Fielding
The Last Exorcism
DVD to ipod
Alt.Fiction podcast with Ramsey and Steve Jones
The Killer Inside Me (second thread)
Hello (Again)
Cronenberg's back
What would you do?
Alan Moore on Radio 4
The Internet a good thing?
What is this shit?
Is this trailer a comedy???
Quentin S Crisp interview
New Films out soon
Skeletons of cartoon characters
Wonderful...Horror Cafe Part 1
S.T.Joshi Podcast interview
Alan Plater: R.I.P.
For Ally
Human centipede
Thing prequel
Chabon, Gaiman: An article from The Observer - The old ba...
A bit of good news
Hammer house of Horror
New King: Blockade Billy
Everyday People
Hollywood Ring Two (or the soundtrack anyway)
Paul Finch is damaged
New Reggie Oliver book out...
Who shot Nice Guy Eddie?
PSYCHO remembered
Jury Duty
@ hubert or Huw
Continuing the horror western thread
World cup
The Mask Behind the Face
This one's for Zed: Let's just say it's research material...
Ramsey laying down "Laid Down"
Bugging me
One of my favourite SF films
New support group
Obverse Book of Ghosts
JLP's "Wicked Delights" New Edition
Boring technical question about Word
RIP E. F. Bleiler
Best special offer ever at Tesco
Video interview
This week's perfect movie:
Ramsey gets a name check!
My God: Tony - movie trailer
Sex & the City of the Living Dead
Alt.Fiction. 2010.
British Fantasy Awards - Nominations
Feast yer eye on these classic 1920's/1930's horror trail...
Null Immortalis - ToC
Photo of a Cat getting its Paws on My First Book
TV quiz
Darabont, zombies, TV serial, program of the century?
How Gullible Are you?
The Wolfman and his trailer
Fantastic Films Weekend, Bradford
Foreclosure - interesting look at low budget independent ...
SALO in Australia
Weakest link
¿Quién puede matar a un niño?
The Appointment (1981)
Alice in wonderland 2
Has this ever been done?
"The Man Who Collected Machen" arrived !
Getting ‘Inside’ the New Wave of French Horrors
I snortled my coffee through my nose when I read this
Intelligence squared
[Rec] 2
The great RCMB book exchange
House Of The Devil
Holiday reads....
Nemonymous Night
Floundering in the flood
Bad news
Horror western
Hugh Lamb: Forgotten Ghosts
Strange use of language to promote a book...
I've pondered, I've decided, and I'm making an announceme...
Pretty Scary
Brighton Shock
Disaster looms: The Dark Tower
Insomnia leads to the strangest things...
Anyone moving to Amityville?
The Other
A request
TWOMAL Syndrome - a modern plague
Ash Cloud
Beneath The Ground - edited by Joel Lane
The Earth Wire
New Boy!
Ramsey's Rants
Forrest Gump
Predators: Oh Yes
Science versus Paranormalcy
The Baader Meinhof Complex
Good film, bad book...
The House of the Devil
Romero doing Argento
Dennis Wheatley... so bad he's good?
Not I
Google logo
Philip Ridley IS BACK
Alejandro Amenabar
Only skin deep?
Plugging myself
Ray Bradbury on how he started out...
Cern Zoo authors revealed en masse
Suggestions for a novice!
Local papers
We Fade to Grey
Four Lions
Dream Sickness
The City and The City
Cropsey/Super 8
Derren Brown
Deliciously dumb
The Adjustment Bureau
The Leaders' Debate
Facebook vs. MySpace
Well, it had to happen.
Announcing: "Dragon's Ark" and an essay on Sam Peckinpah...
Nothing I didn't suspect, but...
Women in politics...
It's watching us - here's something halfway between the n...
A Time Of Darkness Came Upon The Land...
Exactly what the doctor ordered
No dogging in the Cotswolds!
Imago Mortis
New story
Hey, is anyone following my r-t review of 'Tragic Life St...
Finding the right book
Here's to the future - I suppose.
A Debate About Childishness
Baen Books
Heston's Gothic Feast
Biased BBC ?
Richard Dalby and Johnny Mains ed - Out of the Earth: The...
Dr Who news
Tales From The Crypt
Joanna Newsom
I'm famous again
The imaginarium of dr parnassus
New Review of James Cooper's THE BEAUTIFUL RED
See how much your vote is REALLY worth!
I'm relieved to hear this;
Well, I've finally gone and done it ...
Happy May Day!
Nightjar Press
I feel as if I'm Alex DeLarge...
A true great passes away
"Oil City Confidential"
TTA Press Novelette Series
JL e-mail problem
Ebooks-Who's ripping us off!
Society of Authors
Basil Copper
Derek Raymond
ISIS UNBOUND - Delighted to announce...
Well, everyone else is doing it, so . . .
Summer Wars
Exciting new horror movie coming this year
The Terror and the Tortoiseshell
My new girlfriend
The Writers' Guild - Wrong (in my view)
World Horror Con 2010
This is class . . .
Black Book of Horror
Writers on the Telly Today
Null Immortalis - last call for submissions
My World Horror 2010 Highlight
Malcolm McLaren RIP
Free book
Because it's Easter
When is the new Lisa Tuttle collection coming out?
Lee Thomas
Bereft of imagination
Dr Who visit
Because this just made me laugh...
No one thinks of the eggs...
Not before time ...
Bestwick Unleashed At Horror Reanimated. God Help Us All
WHC Programming grid....
Ignore the fact it's the Daily Mail
My first Wank
Manly Wade Wellman
Vampyr - help!
Survival of Romero?
"Pieces of Midnight" by Gary McMahon
Things the grandchildren should know
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
Joe Hill UK Book Tour
I drone
For Ally and Bulgakov fans
Are you in touch with your muse or daemon?
Four Lions
BFS Longlist
The Passage by Justin Cronin
The Castle of Otranto
Harvest Home and Some Of Your Blood
Ghostwatch sighting
A Serbian Film
Mind worm
Weird Words - A Lovecraftian Lexicon
Author threads on The British Fantasy Society forum...
John Connolly Waterstone signings
Film Adaptations Of Ramsey Campbell...
The Harm by Gary McMahon
The Happening
The Last Murmuration - again, this feels for Des...
Varney, the Vampyre
Funny Man Movie
Ask a busy man
The third Guest of Honour at Fantasycon.....
The Middle Ages are alive and well and living in Dubai
Jesus Christ, just when you think people can't get lower....
Charlie Brooker is right
In The Gloaming 4 - A Grave Mistake
Horror World Cup
Nice things in Bradford
New film advice needed please
A royal visit
Too old, too young
Chaos reigns
Mind Rape as Saturday Evening Family Entertainment
Vincent Price & the Horror of the English Blood Beast
Shave 'Em Dry
Howard's/Campbell''s "Solomon Kane"
Pieces of Midnight & Cold to the Touch
The Wicker Man
Dishwasher tablets
For me ole mate Des
A taste of odious vileness to come
I'm hungry
10 Rules for Writing Fiction
One for Des - time altered?
Jean Renoir's The River
The Conqueror Worm
It's enough to make you feel old...
A Thing of Beauty
'Fessing up
The next Guest of Honour for Fantasycon is....
Ex Occidente Books
Registration for Fantasycon...
Gcw @ Bandcamp!
Very Best of Best New Horror
Michael Moorcock's 'Starship Stormtroopers'
Last Drink Bird Head
Music To Read By
Your worst nightmare - what was it?
Boy Who Cried Werewolf
Can Books Be Too Long?
Sexy Horror....Sorry Sexist Horror
Reality bites
Quiet here today
Black Static - 15
Are Ghosts Real?
A Future Fair For all
What Are you Reading? (3)
A Parallelogram of Suitcases
Tips for Writers from Writers
Free Classic Cinema Online.
Joe Hill
Ghost Stories
Religious discrimination
Music quiz coz I'm bored
Legion - William Peter Blatty
Why Not More, Better British Horror Films?
Secret Horror Writers
What is a short story?
Stephen Jones
Gray Fry should change his name
I'm not sure if it's a good review but I thought it was f...
Fantasycon 2010 Guest of Hon.....
Para-lytical Activity in Rome?
HARVEY (Spoilers!)
Italo Calvino
The ten strangest trees in the world...
Full Moon....
King gets Auntie's approval
Solomon Kane
Really geeky doctor Who news that I'm probably the only p...
Please, help!
Great Short Story Collections
Shirley Jackson in five minutes!
Dexter season 2
Evil doll
ITV are bastards
Tru Blood
Paul Finch
The Virtual Revolution
Robin Wood
The Age of Stupid
Dinner party at your place
Our world may be a giant hologram
Ouroboros! Finally!
Master of Ceremonies for Fantasycon....
The purpose of fantasy
Butterflies in the Wind
"Whackers" Original Screenplay by Thomas Burchfield
Oh no, more bargains!
Thomas Pynchon
SFX Horror Special
Conrad Williams......
Pantechnicon #10 (now twinned with Theaker's Quarterly Fi...
Ramsey Campbell - old Radio 4 broadcast!
These are the Damned
One of my favourite pieces of music ever
The Shock Labyrinth
News headline puns which write themselves
J.D. Salinger
BFS open eve York - who's going?
Ten Albums in Ten Minutes
Kate's A Winner!
Moments On The Radio....
Advice please
Vacuume cleaners
Danny Boyle
Is this a record?
Nightjar Press
The Meeting - Forerunner of In The Gloaming
Another Boyle
A heads up for UK film fans
"Being Human"
For Ken Russell fans
Best Horror of the Year vol 2
Susan Hill very angry at anonymous fiction
More Who anyone?
A World of Passwords
Robert B Parker RIP
The Final Destination
Good grief...
Another Ash Tree Press release!
A ghost story
Masterpieces at half price
Alt Fiction is back...
The Road
Stage Frights....
My big News - finally I can tell everyone!
Which Story has Special Meaning for You?
The Burrowers
Call of Kerberos
Eric Rohmer
Getting to know...well, me.
Toppermost Of The Poppermost!
Massive spoilers in The Road thread
Happy birthday Des!
In The Gloaming On The Stage
Garth Marenghi -- Forerunner of 'The Office'?
Coming soon from Ash Tree Press...
How you found Ramsey, or how Ramsey found you
I've gone top 5!
JLP Does LvT's 'Antichrist'
Enlightenment at last!
Steve Upham's artwork...
The Death of Books
Michael Talbot?
Another Horror Convention in UK
Requiem for a Dream
A happy debate
The RCMP:The Ramsey Campbell Mounted Police
@ Caroline
Albie films
Try me, Buy Me!
Stage Frights...
I have a nice new album!
It's good, really.
Winter of horrors
Royal Mail strike
Whatever happened to...
Drag me to Hell
Under The Dome
Alma (Short Film)
Oh Lordy! It's the Inglourious Basterds (sic - and I was)...
Interesting list, folks . . .
Panels...WHC Brighton.
I wonder if you can...
Dani Serra and new cover....
Doctor No
Welcome to The Tenses
Nowhere Boy
District 9
Leaving politics aside...
Not sure about .....
Ramsey's Sherlock Holmes?
RIP Chas Balun
The Royle Family
Nemonymous Ten Guidelines
A new Case for D I Crowther . . .
Merry Christmas everyone
Go on then; YOU sort Afghanistan out...
Thanks Ramsey!
Cinnabar's Gnosis
My Christmas Ghost story is read on Pod of Horror 58
New Estronomicon: Christmas Special
"Ha Ha Hitler!"
My new cover . . .
"Strange Tales III" by Tartarus Press
A message from Probert Towers
Worse than Basil Fawlty . . .
Halloween anthologies
Best of 2009
TV was so good last night...
Sniffing out a bargain?
Panic Attack
Black Static Magazine #14
Dan O'Bannon RIP
A book collection by John Travis!
Paul Naschy DVD Box Set
Last night's entertainment
GCW's Christmas Tune
Snow and Thunder
Urgent help needed
Christmas at Probert Towers
White Ribbon
"And the children dance to the pipes of Pan..."
The Call of Kerberos
In The Gloaming Christmas Special
The Enfield Poltergeist
Dread Azathoth?... Is that really you?...
Ramsey's novelisations
A Christmas Chuckle...
WTF is the point?
Beyond the 1970s
The Asphyx
Two TV prgramess about fiction last night
Interview with me
The Box
Amsterdamned Fine Stuff
A carriage of one's own
Kids in the Hall's League of Gentlemen
Another bloody list
"Spanish fan calls police over saxophone band who were ju...
Beta Reader Wanted for Rubbish Story
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Weber's Handy Household Hints
Geting to Know Joel Lane
Booze Up after Xmas???
RCMB get together
Horror stories that end well...
Rob Holdstock Memorial Fund
Paul Finch
Ooh-er, missus!
Best Christmas horror stories?
Turner Prize 2009
Lovecraftian limerick
A Question of Attribution
Xmas gifts for members
Pantechnicon RIP ... but it's going with a bang!
Richard Todd RIP
Fiction versus 'reality'
Films of the Century so far... couldn't resist it.
Film Of The Year
Scrutinised by Scruton
Curse you, Pete Crowther!
Thought for the day
A quote I can't get out of my head
Farewell, Paul Naschy
DVD Special Editions
DIFFERENT SKINS by Gary McMahon - finally available
In the best possible taste
Are these the world's dumbest...
Frank on Football
The Commn Touch of Accessibility
"The Dead That Walk"
Worrying news
Through a glass Darkly/Bergman
Ghost Adventures
I'm famous
For fans of THE SHINING...
Thieving Fear in the US?
Amazing Prophetic Coincidences in Fiction.
Enid Blyton
Ex Occidente perilous site?
Ramsey's originals
Abjectly Disturbing
Is horror everywhere?
Ah, sweet sweet shadenfreude....
The best scenes in horror movies
Creatures Of The Pool...
Waters of Mars
The Wicker Man is no more...*
Ethereal gazette
The Killer Inside Me
Cerne Abbas
Shutter Island
Win Immortality !
My own worst enemy (apparently)
Harper Island/ Flash forward
Creatures of the Pool
Culture shock
Bunny and the Bull
Ouija boards
For Craig - dude, are you gonna love this...
The worst films you've ever seen
The End For Writers
Hey Giancarlo! (film request)
After Hours
Beginning of the end
Ellroy interview
A second-rate writer praised by sycophants
Northwest Passages
The Stone Tape
The Execution of Gary Glitter
Peter Straub interviewed on Salon
Hey, petrolheads
What to do when realising you're actually not that good a...
Busy month ahead
Happy Birthday!!!
..On the radio!
Wonders of the Internet
The Frozen Dead
"Up" and "Friday the 13th"...from the sublime to the empt...
Kids today...
The Hills Run Red
Ramsey's "Chucky"
A cheerful triple bill
What do E-Books Need? Readers!
Good News!
Another Plug
I wish I was joking
Pumpkin Thread
A Parallelogram of Suitcases by gcw - some thoughts
Naughty Devil
Reece Shearsmith's Haunted House
Cut out by Royal Mail ?
Halloween Hall of Horror !
Authors & Editors on Horror
Question Time
I'm off
Cthuhu (2007)
BFS York do - changed date
Black Static 13
Imaginarium thingie
Rollin/ The Living Dead Girl
'Stop the bean-counters ruling the fiction roost'
I love Charlie Brooker
The first RCMB sequel: what are you reading part 2
What horror films will they be remaking in 20 to 30 years...
Smash Cut
More yellow on show than usual
Who is your favourite poet?
Beyond the lamplight: Donald R Burleson
M. John Harrison - The ice monkey
Take 5
Some folks are right miserable bastards...
Lovecraft comes to Life
Panic Face King
Hello from a new (old) person.
Fans of MMS might like this . . .
Accidental slasher with de Niro and dogs
Film advice
Grapes of Death/Rollin
Genre films in Leeds
GREETINGS: from a new person
"Cold to the Touch" by Simon Strantzas
FAO Huw Lines
"Dragon's Ark" by Thomas Burchfield (Excerpt)...
JLP's 'The Music of Horror'
Anyway . . .
Estronomicon: Dark Desires - out Now
Dark fiction at 37,000 feet
My new stuff...
So, Stepford Children or The Village of the Damned?
Horror stories from an unexpected quarter
6 Characters in Search of an Author
Good Lord
Pieces of JLP
.'Creatures & Just Behind You....
Antichrist again (SPOILERS!)
If I didn't know it already...
For those WHO like such things
Another one for the remake mill?
BFS Awards
Dead Girl - self-explanatory
Ramsey Aickman
Tide of Souls
Major Geek Attack
Honourable Mentions time...
Oh Yes! It's 'Captive Wild Woman'!!
W.H. Pugmire
Sorry, ladies...
Halloween Reading List
The Stephen Bacon Interview
For Lord Probert
"The Dead that Walk"
New Nightmare On Elm Street trailer
The Witnesses Are Gone.
Early cinema - wonderful
The Death of Literary Culture
Good nights out ahead
The Art of Dying
Being Human
Arthur Machen article in the Guardian
Jack the Ripper Short Story Competition
The Fly
My ex boss's car
Golden BROWN textured like...?
Nice news
Sorority Throw Up
A Little Success at Last
Lemon and Lime
Roman holiday
The World's Gone Bonkers
They just don't make 'em like that any more...
A surfeit of creatures in the Pool!
Don't know if this is a good thing or not...
What a great 'Con!
A Blind Gecko on the Crystal Balcony
I'm in pain, but it's worth it
M R James lives . . .
Emily Dickinson; Vampire?
It Asda be horror
It's been a while
John Edward
Bradbury speech
Dragons Den
The Kindly Ones - A review
Want anything from the States while I'm there?
Whatever it was...
Google today . . .
Protecting the Influence
John Llewellyn Probert's FCon reading...
Some minor items
Fcon'09 here we come...!
Dark Rising
Hannibal Rising
I need cheering up
A Nest of Nightmares....
Ramsey Yum!
You have nothing to fear, but fear itself (or Mick Garris...
Way of The Barefoot Zombie
The Hawler
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 20
Sunday Times Short Story Award
"Encounters at the Edge of the World"
How cool is my girlfriend
A Parallelogram Of Suitcases
Shards of Dreams
The British Fantasy Society Yearbook
For You Faustine...
Whistle and I'll Come To You (1968)
An Interview with Sarah Pinborough
/www.stephenk unpublished/ cannibals_ th...
JLP's Latest Wickedness
Completely useless information
If Literary Classics had been Titled Today
My short introduction to the stories of M.R. James on You...
"I will not read your f*cking script"
Who's this pair of scalliwags?
30 days of Night
World Horror Com Brighton 2010
Word count help
"The Mist"
It's official: John Saul better than Algernon Blackwood!
Your Favourite Art
Panel at FantasyCon
Nemonymous Ten Submission Guidelines
Booker Prize
The House On Nazareth Hill
Supernatural Tales 15
The Last Broadcast
Geek test
Revamped Website
Another plug...
For Zed...since you've raved about this beautiful book
Herzog and Cage
Fiction about Music
Some new books...
On Hemingway's desk....
Ramsey Campbell on Film
Google Books (Joel won't like this one)
Book Launch 2.0
Charity Auction
An Interview with John Llewelyn Probert
A review and an interview
F***ing typical
The Black Glove 3 - Available Now
Film heads up (UK)
Link Exchange
News from Jon
Melt like a snail
Ramsey free with Paranormal Magazine
And for all you Hitler-lovers out there...
Fwiw: Stephen King's summer must-rent dvds
A huge dilemma
Copyright Queries...
Turn of the Screw
Patrick Stewart Sees A Ghost
I need a laugh
FC 2009 Curry Quandary at Chutney's
FrightFest 2009
The Secret Garden/The Bluebird
Still not 40
Disney buys Marvel- What?
Pépé le Moko
What shall I treat myself to?
The Rock's gone soft
Three more youtube reviews
Fcon'09 Curry....
My Joel Lane Book Collection
PS Publishing Sale
...Oh Dear....
Gone Brother
A Red Arrow just zoomed across my house...
House insurance is actually evil
First Edition
Festival of Fantastic Films, Manchester
Photos of bones
Duh! Issue of grammar . . .
New from the Ghostwatch guy . . .
American Pool
The 'Keep JLP In Velvet, Off the Streets & Out of Trouble...
Facebook lit quiz
The Nightfarers by Mark Valentine - my youtube review
A Hitchcock Heads up
Little Fishie
The Brontes/Shelley
My Bloody Valentine
Find cheaper CDs and DVDs
Caaalm down, Campbell, caaaalm down . . .
Dean Spanley
Amazing stuff
The greatest colour film I've ever seen
FantasyCon 2009
Film Noir heads up (UK)
PayPal question
The Masterpieces of Shirley Jackson
Nemonymous and Harper Collins
A movie quiz
Apparitions Table of Contents
Elusive films
Before the triffids rule, this happens...
Bloody Beauties: the Rise and Rise of Vampire Lit.
What are you reading . . .
The name for a household ghost....
Ooh! Ooh!
DVD extras
Book Recommendation Needed
Charles Beaumont
James Bradley's 'The Resurrectionist'
Lost Places
Music's back
King and Matheson on the radio
Think I'll take the bus...
A. Merritt
Cold Prey
Gary, you kept me awake half the night
This is not a spoof
What's in a name?
"Ridley Scott to direct Alien prequel"
Solitary Crow On Fence Post Portending Doom, Analysts Warn
Shockwaves and Crazies
Nabokov/museum/Tatton hall. Bit stream-of-consciousness.
Whatever happened to the Horror Roadshow?
Personally inscribed hardcover
Fritz Leiber
The Black Glove Issue 2
Novella V Novel
AntiChrist Comedy Corner
Book Trailer
Top 100 Horror Film Posters
Susan Boyle Prefigured
Yet another new publishing venture
Link Exchange
New Speaker...
Mr bestwick
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