I've returned and will be posting news here again.

I'm delighted to have contributed a new Brichester Mythos tale here: Weird Tales 367 - COSMIC HORROR ISSUE (presale. Ships May 2023) — Weird Tales

I'll be speaking and signing books at Earlston Library in Wallasey on 4 March 2023: photo?fbid=572486058252824&set=a

I'm at Blackwells in Liverpool on 21 February 2023. Come if you can!

I'm in conversation with my old friend and publisher Pete Crowther at Waterstones in Liverpool on 5 December.

These spendid Centipede Press edition almost sold out before publication, but a few remain: The Doll Who Ate His Mother and The Parasite.

I'm in conversation with my old friend Steve Jones at the Miskatonic Institute on 15 February.

Yet again I ramble on, this time for The Reading Lists.

I'll be putting on a show at Birkenhead Central Library on 5 October.

My good old friend Pete Crowther and I are in Hull on 27 May.

I'll be reading and talking at Literally in New Brighton on 10 May.

I'm in conversation at Liverpool John Moores University on 7 March.

I'll be reading and signing at Write Blend on 16 December.

I'll be at Necronomicon in Providence.

All my correspondence with August Derleth can be found in Letters from Arkham from my splendid publishers PS Publishing.

The indefatigable folk at PS continue their handsome series of reissues of Best New Horror. The second volume is the first time the book has been published uncensored.

Ramsey Campbell Think Yourself Lucky

My latest novel Think Yourself Lucky is out.

The good Matthew Allred lets me ramble on his Great Work Review.

I'll be at the Heswall Literary Festival (very close to Arthur Pendemon's house) on 11 October.

I can be seen and heard on The Arkham Digest.

I've written the introduction to Gert Jan Bekenkamp's The World of Wonder.

I appear on Wickergirl's site. Here's part one of me.

I'm interviewed on The Original Van Gogh's Ear Anthology.

Ramsey Campbell

I'll be launching The Last Revelation of Gla'aki at Waterstones in Liverpool One on 12 July.

I've contributed an introduction to Willie Meikle's The Unspoken.

Craig Cabell, Steve Jones, Adam Nevill and I will be celebrating Jim Herbert at the Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool on 25 April.

In Video Watchdog 172 my theme is Megan is Missing, while in 173 my poor brain attempts to encompass Trail of the Octopus.

I'll be reading and talking and taking questions at Chester Library.

My tale "At Lorn Hall" is in the second issue of Nightmare.

I was to be among the speakers at the Newcastle Winter Book Festival's Horror Saturday, but the event has now been cancelled by the organiser.

I'll be appearing at the Halifax Ghost Story Festival.

Rob Dunbar searches my mind on Occupy Horror.

Ramsey Campbell

My new supernatural novel The Kind Folk is now out frrom PS Publishing.

Ramsey Campbell Secret Story

PS also have eight titles of mine in paperback. Secret Story is the first paperback edition with the complete tex.

The Overnight is the definitive edition, not available anywhere else.

Here is David McWilliam's interview for The Gothic Imagination.

I've written the introduction to Thana Niveau's collection From Hell to Eternity.

I'm among the dark conspirers at Halton Lea Library on 23 October.

I've provided the introduction to Paul Kane's novel Lunar.

I'm reading at the This is Horror event in Manchester on 22 September.

I'm a guest of honour at the Oz Horror Con in Melbourne.

You'll find me at Krakon in Krakow.

In Video Watchdog 165 I have a look at The Hamiltons, and in 166 it's Outcast. 167 has me on Les Croix de Bois. In 168 I fall upon The Legend of Harrow Woods, and 169 sees me watching The Whisperer in Darkness.

I'll be in New Orleans in June 2013!

Four for Fear is now available and contains my tale "The Callers".

I've answered seven questions for Michael Keyton's On Fiction Writing.

I've contributed a bunch of lurid limericks to Dark Discoveries 20.

Ramsey Campbell

My tale "The Page" is my tribute to the great Ray Bradbury in Shadow Show.

I'll be reading at the Body Horror event in Bolton on 7 July.

I'm one of the horror quartet at the Humber Mouth Festival in Hull on 27 June.

Alison Littlewood and I will be reading on World Book Night at Waterstones in Liverpool One.

My tale "The Moons" is in The Devil's Coattails.

I can be heard reading "The Guide" on the Dark Fiction Magazine site.

Here's my interview on The Browser.

In e-book form I'm bundled up with Mark Morris, Graham Masterton and Edward Lee for Halloween.

I'm reading and talking at Chester Library on 19 October at seven o'clock.

The definitive edition of The Inhabitant of the Lake and Other Unwelcome Tenants can now be ordered from PS.

My story "Getting It Wrong" is in A Book of Horrors. I'll be among those signing copies at Fantasycon and also (on 3 October) at Forbidden Planet in London.

Cut Corners contains my tale "The Address".

My story "With the Angels" appears in the twenty-second volume of The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror.

My tale Recently Used is in Black Static #24.

In Video Watchdog 163 I have a look at Certified Copy, and in 164 it's The Man from London.

Tor have reissued The Darkest Part of the Woods as a trade paperback and an ebook.

I've a little interview on Page Horrific.

I'm a special guest at Dni Fantastyki.

I'll be reading in the Pub Fiction Festival at the Lass O'Gowrie in Manchester on 18 July.

I'll be speaking at the Middlesbough Literary Festival on 7 June.

My tale "The Room Beyond" is in The New and Perfect Man.

I've contributed an essay to Michael Knost's Writers Workshop of Horror.

My tale "Again" rises from its grave in Vile Things.

I'm interviewed on Horror Reanimated and on Horror Bound.

The limited edition of The Influence, using previously unpublished illustrations J. K. Potter made more than twenty years ago, is now out from Centipede Press.

On 25 April I'll be reading at Seal Clubbing Club's lunchtime launch at Rockscape in Liverpool.

In Video Watchdog 148 my subject is Into the Mirror, and in 149 it's Pieces.

I answer seven questions on Writing Raw.

I've written the introduction to The Sleepers and Other Wakeful Things, one of the volumes of August Derleth's Macabre Quarto.

I 've provided the introduction to the Richard Matheson tribute anthology He is Legend.

In Video Watchdog 147 I have fun with Korkusuz Kaptan Swing.

My story "Respects" is in British Invasion.

Much fun and information to be had on Lovecraftian Tales from the Table. I've contributed some myself.

In Video Watchdog 146 I enthuse about The Small Back Room.

My "Bedtime Story" appears in Dark Recesses Press 10.

The handsome new edition of Guy de Maupassant's Tales of Terror has my introduction.

I'm one of the contributors to the Video Watchdog overview of best DVDs of 2008.

I'm one of fifty contributors to Blackmarket at the Bluecoat in Liverpool on 29 November.

"The Voice of the Beach" is reprinted in Peter Straub's anthology Poe's Children.

My tale "The Other Names" appears in the new edition of Dead But Dreaming.

Travis Heerman interviews me here.

My column in Video Watchdog 145 discusses Cave of the Yellow Dog.

My collection Inconsequential Tales is now available from Hippocampus Press.

My latest story, "The Long Way", will be published as a chapbook available only to subscribers to Postscripts.

I'll be reading and talking at Neston Library at 7.30 on Friday 7 November. Tickets are £3, but I'll knock the amount off the total price of any books of mine anyone buys on the night. More information on 0151-336-5486 or at

I've contributed a piece discussing "Thirteen Novels on the Edge of Horror" to The Book of Lists: Horror.

Video Watchdog 142 has my thoughts on La Notte. In VW 143 I look at Cronaca di un Amore, and in 144 the uncensored restoration of Sign of the Cross.

I've written the introduction to Mark Samuels' Glyphotech, now available from PS Publishing.

In Video Watchdog 141 I look at Never Let Go.

I'm in conversation with Dean Sullivan on 26 June.

The Millipede Press edition of Thomas Tryon's The Other has an introduction by me.

My column in Video Watchdog 140 celebrates Le Crime de Monsieur Lange.

Mark Morris, Adam Nevill, Conrad Williams and I will be reading at Borders in Leeds on 12 June.

In Video Watchdog 139 I have fun with Demir Pence Korsan Adam. Readers should note that in the final sentence on page 68, "dies too if not from" should read "dies to if not from".

I'll be helping launch The Book of Liverpool at the Bluecoat event on 29 May.

Conrad Williams and I will be reading and signing at Waterstones in Deansgate on 15 May.

I'm interviewed on Yog Radio.

The PS edition of Thieving Fear will be launched at alt.fiction.

In Video Watchdog 138 I celebrate Canyon Passage.

The Grin of the Dark

The Virgin paperback of The Grin of the Dark is published on 1 May. It's available direct from Random House.

My column in Video Watchdog 137 discusses Karanlik Sular and (briefly) Tarzan Istanbul'da.

Caroline Callaghan's interview with me can be found online at Pantechnicon.

I'll be reading and talking at alt.fiction in Derby on 26 April.

My tale "The Brood" reappears with a fine illustration by Alex McVey in the immense and splendid 25th anniversary edition of Dark Forces.

In Video Watchdog 136 I take an extended look at Kiki's Delivery Service. My column in All Hallows 43 is an overview of the output of Studio Ghibli.

Along with Allyson Bird, Pete Crowther, Mark Morris and Simon Clark, I'll be reading at the BFS Open Night on 26 January in York.

In Video Watchdog 135 I discuss the differences between the film Night of the Eagle and the original script by Richard Matheson and Charles Beaumont.

My column in the latest issue of Prism, the British Fantasy Society's journal, discusses "horror for its own sake" with particular reference to Nick Palumbo's film Murder-Set-Pieces.

The immense book of bibiographic fantasies Bound for Evil includes two tales of mine - "Worse than Bones" and "One Copy Only".

Films I've discussed in my column in Video Watchdog include The Call of Cthulhu ( in VW 125), Bigger than Life (VW 126), Man of the West (VW 127), 3 Dev Adam (VW 128), The Reckless Moment (VW 129), Irreversible (VW 130), Blast of Silence (VW 131), Aşka Susayanlar Seks ve Cinayet and  Ölüler Konuşmaz Ki (VW 132), L’Armée des Ombres (VW 133) and Casque d'Or (VW 134).

The second issue of Dead Reckonings contains a revised version of the first part of my column Plagued by Plagiarism.

Until the end of December there's a half price sale of all pre-2007 books at PS Publishing, including mine.

Niki Flynn's remarkable autobiography Dances with Werewolves has just been published by Virgin, and includes an introduction by me.

I'm at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, beginning on 1 November.

The Face That Must Die. August 2006. Introduction by Poppy Z. Brite. New afterword by Ramsey Campbell.

Alpenhouse Apparitions has released a hand-made, letterpress edition of my new ghost story, “The Decorations.” This first edition was executed by
Chad Oness at his Sutton Hoo Press in Stockton, Minnesota, USA for Alpenhouse Apparitions, a new imprint dedicated to publishing the best
supernatural fiction in hand-made, fine press editions. More details at Alpenhouse Apparitions.

You can find a large archive of my manuscripts at the SF Hub.

I'm interviewed on Write Handed.

I'll be reading and signing books at the Rose Theatre at Edge Hill College, Ormskirk on 24 February. Contact the Rose Theatre or Dr Aisla Cox.

"Fear the Dead" is reprinted in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF HORROR 15.

I'll be introducing the very fine BBC film of Le Fanu's SCHALKEN THE PAINTER at the Cornerhouse in Manchester at six o'clock on the evening of Saturday 30 October.

TOLD BY THE DEAD received the British Fantasy Award for best collection of 2003.

THE DARKEST PART OF THE WOODS is now in mass market paperback from Tor.

Along with Pete Crowther, Nick Royle and Conrad Williams, I'll be reading at Borders Books in Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port on 3 September. The event begins at seven, and my contribution will be some of THE OVERNIGHT, based on my time working in that very shop.

I'm interviewed on ChiZine.

I'll be reading along with Mark Morris and Simon Clark at Borders in the Birmingham Bullring on 29 July. The fun begins at six.

"Meeting the Author" is reprinted in THE BLACK SPIRAL, edited by Richard D. Weber for Cyber-Pulp.

My thoughts on THE EVIL DEAD are in FANGORIA 234.

My new supernatural novel THE OVERNIGHT is now out from PS Publishing. This edition contains about 5000 words of text that will be excised from the American edition.

I've written the introduction to Adam Nevill's fine M. R. Jamesian novel BANQUET OF THE DAMNED, now out from PS Publishing.

My story "Direct Line" is in the first issue of POSTSCRIPTS from PS Publishing.

A new edition of THE HEIGHT OF THE SCREAM with a new introduction is out from Babbage Press

A new edition of ALONE WITH THE HORRORS, with an expanded introduction and replacing "The Room in the Castle" with "The Tower from Yuggoth", is now out from Tor in hardcover.

I'm interviewed on Suicide Girls.

I've written the introduction to Tony Richards' novella POSTCARDS FROM TERRI, which is published by Sarob Press.

My latest thoughts on Lovecraft can be found in a symposium in STUDIES IN MODERN HORROR 2.

An extremely limited edition of THE PARASITE, including two previously unpublished chapters, is now available for ordering from Delirium Books . The publisher says: There is also a payment plan set up on that page through Paypal for customers who really want the book, but can't afford it all in one ayment. Also customers can order direct via phone, toll-free within the U.S. at 1-800-397-9604. My regular number is 574-594-3200 plus whatever the prefix is for international calls from England. Credit cards won't be charged until the end of the reservation period which is April 30th.

My tale "The Invocation" is in the first issue of FUSING HORIZONS.

Each week's Artwaves, including my film reviews, can now be heard online at Artwaves

Peter Crowther, Mark Morris, Stephen Gallagher, Simon Clark and I (the Horror Roadshow) will be reading/signing at Ottakers, Huddersfield on December 11th, a Thursday evening. All welcome; free entry... except that this event has now been postponed by the bookshop, so please don't turn up.

EYEBALL COMPENDIUM, edited by Stephen Thrower for FAB Press, reprints several of my essays on film not otherwise available.

My story "Feeling Remains" is in THE DARK, Ellen Datlow's anthology of new ghost stories from Tor.

I'm at the British Fantasy Convention in Stafford over the weekend of 21-23 November. Details from British Fantasy Society,

I've contributed the introduction to Glen Hirshberg's fine collection of ghost stories THE TWO SAMS, now available from Carroll & Graf.

The Tor edition of THE DARKEST PART OF THE WOODS is now available.

I'm on a horror panel (called "And Then She Screamed", a title apparently designed to put off all casual interest) at the Durham Literary Festival on Sunday 5 October. Details from Durham Literary Festival

My story "Fear the Dead" is in THE FEAR WITHIN, edited by Nicole Thomas for 3F Publications.

The Tor edition of SCARED STIFF, including three extra stories and an expanded afterword, is now available in trade paperback.

My story "The Unbeheld" is printed in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW HORROR VOLUME FOURTEEN, edited by the indefatigable Stephen Jones.

My column RAMSEY CAMPBELL, PROBABLY has been revived in the Ghost Story Society's magazine ALL HALLOWS, beginning with the October 2003 issue. Subscription details from Ghost Story Society.

My collection TOLD BY THE DEAD is now available from PS Publishing. The slipcased edition is signed by Poppy Z. Brite, who wrote the introduction, and me.

My story "A Side of the Sea" is reprinted in the Down's Syndrome charity anthology DREAMING OF ANGELS, edited by Gord Rollo and Monica J. O’Rourke for Prime Books.

Camelot Books will be issuing a 100-copy chapette of a new revised version of my tale "The Face" as a bonus with orders for books of mine. Click on the link for more information.

7 June 2003

RAMSEY CAMPBELL, PROBABLY received the Stoker Award of the Horror Writers' Association for Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction, 2002.

My story "The Place of Revelation" is in 13 HORRORS, edited by Brian A. Hopkins for KaCSFFS Press.

23 May 2003

RAMSEY CAMPBELL, PROBABLY was given the award for best non-fiction book of 2003 by the International Horror Guild.

April 6th 2003
The April issue of LOCUS has a long interview with me and sports a splendid cover by J. K. Potter ("Ramsey Campbell: Fruit or Vegetable?" is J. K.'s title).

February 9th 2003
I'm a Special Guest at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida over 19 - 23 March. Details at

January 22th 2003
There's an audio interview by Rick Kleffel at Spookycon at

January 5th 2003
I'll be reading and signing at Borders in Leeds on the evening of 23 January, along with other members of the Horror Roadshow.

December 2nd 2002
I'm a guest of honour at Spookycon in San Francisco from 9-12 January.

My tale "The Retrospective" is in DARK TERRORS 6. Alas, the final phrase has been omitted. The complete version will be in TOLD BY THE DEAD.

My story "One Copy Only" is in SHELF LIFE, edited by Greg Ketter for Dreamhaven Press.

October 22nd 2002. I'll be signing at Dreamhaven Books in Minneapolis on 31 October

I'll be introducing the Ealing ghostly anthology DEAD OF NIGHT at the Cornerhouse in Manchester at 22.45 on Friday 25 October. The following day sees Kim Newman with WHISTLE AND I'LL COME TO YOU and THE WOMAN IN BLACK.

My thoughts on NIGHTMARE CITY and NIGHTS OF TERROR (now available uncut on British video as THE ZOMBIE DEAD) are in EATEN ALIVE, Jason Slater's Italian cannibal movie book from Plexus.

August 22nd 2002. My tale "No End of Fun" is in J. K. POTTER'S EMBRACE THE MUTATION from Subterranean Press.

July 26th 2002. An adaptation of my tale "The Seductress" - an episode of the series THE HUNGER - will be shown on the Science Fiction ("Sci-Fi") Channel at 00:10 to 00:40 on Thursday 8th August. I'll be able to see it at last myself!

July 6th 2002. My story "The Unbeheld" is online in the July 2002 issue of THE SPOOK.

June 2nd 2002. An interview and a chapter from THE DARKEST PART OF THE WOODS is online in the third issue of SINISTERIA.

I'll be reading, talking and signing books at 5.30 (17.30) on Wednesday 19 June at the Unity Theatre, 1 Hope Place, Liverpool, as part of the Writing on the Wall festival.

My memoir of John Brunner is now online in the June edition of THE SPOOK.

On Saturday 25 May at 2.30 in the afternoon I'll be introducing Roger Corman's THE HAUNTED PALACE (based on Lovecraft) at the Bradford Museum of Film and Photography as part of the Fantastic Films Weekend

Steve Gallagher, Pete Crowther, Mark Morris, Steve Laws (with luck) and I will be reading and signing at 7 pm on Thursday 23 May at Borders Books in Cheshire Oaks. Cheshire Oaks is a business park between Liverpool and Chester, directly off Junction 10 of the M53 and well signposted.

March 29th 2002
I shall be attending the World Fantasy Convention in Minneapolis over the weekend of 31 October - 3 November. I hope to see many of our message boarders there!

March 14th 2002
As of 14 March Radio Merseyside's Artwaves moves to Thursdays at 21.00.

There should be further DVD/VHS competitions, and these will also appear on the Radio Merseyside website. Please send email entries ONLY to the BBC site, and from UK addresses only, I'm afraid.

On the evening of 18 April I'll be at Borders Books in York with Mark Morris, Stephen Laws, Stephen Gallagher and Pete Crowther.

February 14th 2002
If you go to BBC Online - Radio Merseyside - Index and click on "Presenter Profiles" you'll find a listing for Artwaves.
Clicking on that will take you to my weekly film tip, and you may find the odd DVD/VHS competition there too!

January 27th 2002
My story "Again" will shortly be available in the Lone Wolf STORYTELLERS audio anthology.

December 22nd 2001
The December issue of THE SPOOK includes a deleted chapter from PACT OF THE FATHERS - not the chapter which appears on this website.

December 15th 2002

My story "Worse than Bones" is in THE MUSEUM OF HORRORS, edited by Dennis Etchison for the HWA and Leisure Books.

November 27th 2001
My tale "All for Sale" is now online at Gothic Net.

November 17th 2001
My story "Tatters" is online in the October issue of THE SPOOK.

From 14th September, Radio Merseyside's ARTWAVES, with my film reviews, moves to 9 pm on Fridays. It's repeated at 6 am on Saturdays.

On 20 September the British Film Institute releases a DVD of Jonathan Millar's "Whistle and I'll Come to You" introduced by me and including my reading of "The Guide".

On 26 October I'm introducing Jacques Tourneur's NIGHT OF THE DEMON at 6 pm at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. Also in this weekend of British horror, the League of Gentlemen introduce THE WICKER MAN and Nigel Kneale introduces films from scripts of his.

SILENT CHILDREN hardcover errors August 2001:
While proofreading the paperback of SILENT CHILDREN I've discovered that several errors have found their way into the hardcover. The most damaging are these:

On page 120, the passage about halfway down
"Did you?" she said.
"No," he said.
"I really don't think..."
should read
"Did you?" he said.
"I really don't think..."

On page 306, three lines up
breasted too much trouble
should be
created too much trouble

On page 316, nine lines up
He unlocked the van
should be
He unlocked the car

All the best!

On 17 August 2001 at 18.05, BBC Radio Merseyside will broadcast a special edition of the arts programme ARTWAVES celebrating my stuff. Contributors include Pete Atkins, Poppy Z. Brite, Dennis Etchison, Richard Hill, S. T. Joshi and Kim Newman, each of whom have chosen a favourite extract for me to read.

I'm reviving my "Ramsey Campbell, Probably" column of opinion (originally from NECROFILE) in the second issue of THE SPOOK. In the first instalment I look at the work of Poppy Z. Brite.

I'll be signing copies of MEDDLING WITH GHOSTS on the evening of 28 June 2001 at Borders Books in Cheshire Oaks.

S. T. Joshi's RAMSEY CAMPBELL AND MODERN HORROR FICTION is now available from Liverpool University Press.
I've written an introduction about my roots as a writer. The cover is by J. K. Potter.

My new story "Raised by the Moon" will be in the June issue of the online magazine THE SPOOK.

I'll be signing copies of MEDDLING WITH GHOSTS at 2.30 pm on Saturday 5 May at Murder One in Charing Cross Road, London.

I'm hosting a reading group at Borders Books in Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port on the last Wednesday of every month.
At each meeting we choose a book to be discussed next time. WHITE TEETH is next month's subject for discussion. At our last meeting we talked at length about THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, which was generally admired.

The issue of FANGORIA on sale in March 2001 will contain an interview with me together with photographs of my current self that should rival any stills for horror.

The British Library will publish MEDDLING WITH GHOSTS in April, my anthology of tales before, during and after M. R. James.

A deleted chapter from "THE PACT OF THE FATHERS" is on display here.
The book will be published by Tor/Forge in December 2001.

This is nothing if not esoteric... 
I've written the introduction to the seventeen-year-old Peter Cook's previously unpublished horror story "Bric-a-Brac" in the latest issue of Publish and Bedazzled, the journal of the Peter Cook Appreciation Society.
Details from 15 Temple Dwellings, Temple Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 6QG.

My story "The Pattern" appears in My Favo[u]rite Horror Story (edited by Mike Baker and Martin Greenberg for DAW Books) as the choice of Poppy Z. Brite.
My own choice in the book is "A Warning to the Curious" by M. R. James.
My first choice was actually Algernon Blackwood's "The Willows" until I was given to understand Richard Laymon had already picked that, but apparently someone at the publisher wouldn't let me say so in my introduction to the James.

Tor Books have just published the American edition of Ghosts and Grisly Things. My next collection from them will be a reissue of Scared Stiff, expanded to include three previously uncollected stories.

The British Library is about to publish Shadows in the Attic by Neil Wilson, a survey of British supernatural fiction up to 1950. My introduction overlaps with this and brings it up to date.

Liverpool University Press has just announced S. T. Joshi's book-length study of my fiction.

On Friday 13 October 2000 I'll be introducing a late-night showing of the film of The Nameless at the Leeds Film Festival.

And on Friday 20 October 2000 I'll introduce a showing of Nigel Kneale's Stone Tape, far too rare a treat, at the Cornerhouse in Manchester.

I'll be introducing a showing of the film of The Nameless at the Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester in September 2000.
For more information about the festival, see my links page.

I'll be reading and signing at a Horror Writers Association event at the Priory Street Centre in York on Saturday 18 November 2000. The public is more than welcome!

My apologies to anyone who travelled to Borders Books in York on 4 May 2000 to meet me. Halfway through the afternoon the clutch of my car failed, and I wasn't able to have it replaced in time. I think this was the belated effect of an attempt some days ago to kill someone at random, or maybe there wasn't even so defined a motive - at any rate, someone threw a plank from a set of roadworks onto the motorway, and it hit my car. At least I lived to tell the tale, but I wish I'd been able to do so in York.

I imagine the excellent panel of writers made up for my absence, but I hope sometime to meet anyone I disappointed.

My new novel Silent Children will be published in America by Tor/Forge in July 2000.

I’m presently at work on a new supernatural novel, The Darkest Part of the Woods.

New short stories: "No Story In It" has just appeared in Imagination Fully Dilated 2, an anthology of tales based on images by Alan Clark, edited by Elizabeth Engstrom and published by IFD Publishing.

"Becoming Visible" is in Neonlit: Time Out Book of New Writing Volume 2, edited by Nicholas Royle (Quartet Books).
"Return Journey" will be in Taps and Sighs, a ghostly anthology edited by Peter Crowther, and "No Strings" will appear in the next Ash-Tree Press anthology. "Eyes End" is included in The Evil Entwines, a collection of John B. Ford’s collaborations.

I’ve recently done introductions to various books. That to Alan David Price’s The Other Side of the Mirror includes the words of my theme song for the Dracula Society, "The Marching Vampiroids". David Case’s Brotherly Love and Peter Atkins’ Wishmaster, both from the sadly troubled Pumpkin Books, have introductions by me.

S. T. Joshi’s monograph on Campbell will be published by Liverpool University Press. Joshi is also editing a collection of my non-fiction.

On  25 March 2000 at 8 pm: I'll be introducing Los Sin Nombre, a Spanish film based on my novel The Nameless, at the Cornerhouse cinema in Manchester. It's in Spanish with English subtitles. The director, Jaume Balaguero, may also be there.