Acoustic Night May 2009


Lucy English


“The hippy chick love mother sex goddess” The List.

In April 1996 Lucy won the Bristol Poetry slam, the first one she had ever entered, and since then has performed poetry nationally and internationally.

She has toured Holland with the Poetry Whores on Tour, and Denmark, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Taiwan on British Council sponsored visits. In 2003 she co-ordinated the International Conference in the writing and practise of performance poetry, at Bath Spa University, with guest speakers Charles Bernstein and Bob Holman.

She was one of five poets selected for the Apples and Snakes ‘Tempation’ poetry tour in 2005 and was artistic director the ‘Exposed’ Poetry tour in 2006 with Polar Bear and Yusra Warsama.

Major peformances include; Cheltenham, Hay on Wye, Edinburgh Fringe, Bristol Poetry Festival, Ledbury, The Cuirt, Austin International Poetry Festival, Wordfest, and the BBC radio four Poetry slam.

Her poetry is available on three Cd’s Family Prayers, Winterword and Let me Be.

Her latest collection, “Why I’m Here”,  is a collaboration with the photographer Sally Mundy.
In the summer of 2007 they travelled across Somerset and asked the people they met a simple question, “Why are you here?” The answers were sometimes unexpected and often moving. This collection explores the notion of ‘special places’. Why do people visit certain locations?  Is it natural beauty, literary associations or personal connections? This collection tries to find some answers.

In 2010 and 2011 Lucy will tour with Glenn Carmichael, Sara-Jane Arbury and Anna Freeman in a new multi media poetry show 'Flash'
This is supported by an The Arts Council and Bath Spa University.