Note to aspiring writers
It’s always good to hear from you, and I’m more than happy to answer your questions about the craft of writing and the publishing business if I can.  What I can’t do is undertake to read/critique your manuscript.  Nor can I help you find a publisher or agent.  Sorry, but if I said yes to the many requests I get I’d spend all my time reading your work and never doing my own.  The best advice I can offer if you want to be a writer is … write.  A lot.  And read copiously too, to learn from the way others do it. 
Good luck!


I’ve had libraries in several of the homes I’ve occupied in the past. Though in one or two cases “library” might have been a fancy word for book storage room.  But we’d never got round to having a proper library in all the years we’ve been at our present address, with books all over the house and filling a self-storage unit a couple of miles away.  So when a room became available early last year we decided to take the plunge. 

I could write a book - well, a thickish pamphlet - about all the trials and tribulations that followed.  The mishaps are too numerous to mention in detail, but included finding out that the room had rising damp just before the carpet was due to be laid, getting that dealt with and having to completely redecorate (again); and the shelves in the alcoves having to be put up no fewer than five times before they fitted properly.  I won’t weary you with a list of the other, admittedly lesser, problems but will say that more than once I half jokingly referred to the room having a curse on it.