Note to aspiring writers
It’s always good to hear from you, and I’m more than happy to answer your questions about the craft of writing and the publishing business if I can.  What I can’t do is undertake to read/critique your manuscript.  Nor can I help you find a publisher or agent.  Sorry, but if I said yes to the many requests I get I’d spend all my time reading your work and never doing my own.  The best advice I can offer if you want to be a writer is … write.  A lot.  And read copiously too, to learn from the way others do it. 
Good luck!


Last month’s Novacon (the 49th) was, as usual, one of the year’s genre highlights (for which all thanks to the hard-working committee and volunteers). 

Mike Carey was an excellent guest of honour and the various programme items were judged a great success.  The art show was one of the biggest for some years, occupying two rooms. 

Anne Nicholls was one of the exhibitors, and here she is with part of her display:

Anne Nicholls Novacon 2019

Alex Storer, an artist (and musician) himself, has a con report, with photos, here.