The David Gemmell
Awards for Fantasy



Note to aspiring writers
It’s always good to hear from you, and I’m more than happy to answer your questions about the craft of writing and the publishing business if I can.  What I can’t do is undertake to read/critique your manuscript.  Nor can I help you find a publisher or agent.  Sorry, but if I said yes to the many requests I get I’d spend all my time reading your work and never doing my own.  The best advice I can offer if you want to be a writer is … write.  A lot.  And read copiously too, to learn from the way others do it. 
Good luck!


2018 marks the David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy’s tenth birthday.

The exact date and venue of next year’s ceremony are still being finalised (I’ll post details when known) but the intention is to make the occasion extra special, hopefully with past winners and other prominent fantasy authors/artists in attendance and participating. 

We welcome suggestions re the anniversary.  Who or what would you like to see as part of the celebrations?  You can post a message on the awards’ official Facebook page, here, contact us via our website, here, or send me a message via the Contact tab on this page.  We’ll carefully consider all ideas.