Note to aspiring writers
It’s always good to hear from you, and I’m more than happy to answer your questions about the craft of writing and the publishing business if I can.  What I can’t do is undertake to read/critique your manuscript.  Nor can I help you find a publisher or agent.  Sorry, but if I said yes to the many requests I get I’d spend all my time reading your work and never doing my own.  The best advice I can offer if you want to be a writer is … write.  A lot.  And read copiously too, to learn from the way others do it. 
Good luck!


There was a bit of a mix up at Amazon when I featured the publication of Legends 3 in last month’s update - the listing for the book hadn’t properly gone live.  (It didn’t show up in Amazon searches.)  But it was soon sorted and can be found here.

Legends 3, almost certainly the last volume in this popular series, contains stories by Neal Asher, RJ Barker, K.T. Davies, Shona Kinsella, Gail Z. Martin, Keris McDonal, Ben North, Den Patrick, Steven Poore, Justina Robson, Anna Smith Spark, Danie Ware, Nick Watkinson and Richard Webb, with an introduction by me.

The book, edited by Ian Whates, is available as an A5 paperback, a special edition hardback signed by all the authors limited to just 100 numbered copies, and as an e-book. You can find the website of publisher NewCon Press here.