Being so near Valentine’s day, this is of course billed as Love Night - though where the words will go on the night, no-one ever knows…. 

As always you are free to bring whatever original poem you like to the Open Mic, but there will be a fair amount of amorous feeling floating around - whether celebratory or regretful, poignant or passionate, tender or vigorously physical, whimsical or frankly funny - all that is up to you…

What I can tell you for certain is that we have a fabulous guest: Liv Torc, who leads the Hip Yak Shack team, organises Womad Poetry tent, and is basically a glittery star in the Milky Way of performance poetry.  If you’ve seen Liv already you’ll be thrilled, if you haven’t you’re in for a treat. 

So please add Monday 11 Feb to your diary/electronic calendar/wall chart.

The Poetry Cafe in Frome Somerset, began during the first Frome Festival in 2001 and became a regular and popular event on the first Monday of alternative months.



Frome is a town of enormous charm, with its steep, winding streets, its wealth of beautiful old buildings and its friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

It has more listed buildings than any other town in Somerset and remains the biggest of the five Mendip towns. Frome is renowned for its thriving Arts community and boasts a high number of resident authors, poets and performance artists.

Older than Bath (13 miles north), its history dates from AD685, when St Adhelm founded a mission on the River Frome. The town has largely escaped extensive redevelopment, and is an ideal touring base for the many attractions of the area