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At this dark time, let's cast our spells to keep the green thread of life vibrant for everyone's sake. In fact, keep weaving with every bright thread and magical life will prevail.

Dance with the elves!

Blessed Be.



“In Northern European tradition, this is the time of the year we remember the dead……Work indoors by candlelight among leafless twigs. Or outdoors at a place where a hedge or woodland edge used to be…..At such places we can sense the ghostly hedge or spirit forest – and can cast spells for the rebirth of such as these.”


“Great Goddess and God of the spirit realms, I call upon you. Now, at this time of mist and bonfires and spirit presences, we celebrate the dead. Help us all remember loved friends and relatives who have died and sense their love for us. Help us all to hear their advice and guidance, and that of the more distant ancestors, who are guardians of ancient wisdom. We know that you preside within an otherworld of boundless beauty, where the dead rest between lives. May we find that place within us, the land of the summer stars. For it is from there that we may be reborn, more wise and free, in strength and beauty.”

From “THE HEDGE WITCH’S WAY” by Rae Beth


Autumn Equinox  2019

This festival is the year’s moment of reckoning-the time of weighing up the harvest of this year’s efforts. Our gains may be material but may be of other things instead or as well, such as a new relationship or new creative project.  It is a good time to bless any gains or new schemes with increase and success as these are the seeds of our future well-being.

In hedge magic, this is also a good time to rebalance the human relationship with other species or with those who are in the Otherworld. (Any Equinox is a time when day and night are equal in length and so can be used for magical, psychic or spiritual rebalancing of any kind.)  This can be done very simply by blessing those who are on the other side of a symbolic hedge or edge, such as our ancestors or faeriekind, with (for example) fair abundance and  peace and harmony and asking that we of all species in this  everyday world may be similarly blessed.

The barbed hawthorn guards the way between the Worlds.  One side in Faerie,  one in the realm of the Everyday.
So let me be between the two – as in a hedge in a place of beauty bordering Land of Heart’s Desire. (Bird cries are spells, each rune a tree.) Filled with the vision of Earth’s Soul, let me cast spells for what shall be, shape winds of change by my decree that all be well, in harmony.


Lughnasadh 2019

Although there are signs of hope, the prevailing mood of our times can be ugly and difficult. Here are some acts of psychic and magical defiance.

1. Bless the land (or a river or sea) with good health, renewal of harmony and environmental protection.
2. Stay aware of the cultural and psychic pressures which try to persuade us to put the environment last and to live inside the bubble of propaganda and entertainment. Distinguish between that and the atmosphere of wise spirit presences and the healing Powers.
3. Worship the Goddesses and Gods of Wisdom and Love (however you name them.)  Invoke them whenever there is divisiveness, scapegoating or lies.  Call upon them also for our own inner strength and heart healing.
5. Defy the treadmill of numbing routine whenever that is possible. Relish the times when time seems to slow down a bit.  And if it does not, try saying this light-hearted spell three times.  And carry some dandelion with you (fresh or dried.)

Oh, let me off every hook!
Get it all off my back!
Let me have time now to do what I like.
Time to take stock of my life
and to unwind by nature’s clock.
By dandelion and by each garden
to which we return to have time
restored which had been stolen,
let me do nothing but be –
at peace, myself, free.

Summer Solstice 2019

“Remember,” said my faerie teacher, “that way back in the far past, the Island of Britain was thickly wooded? In Faerie,those forests still exist. The land holds that memory and up from the land comes a green mist, the exhalation of all those trees, and their leaf light. A green mist is all around you. It is from Faerie and holds the magic of those trees and of the enchantments created by the Fae to increase magic.

“Breathe in the green mist and the leaf light until you are filled with them through and through and are no longer aware of you as a part of the everyday World. Now you are at one with the power of Faerie. Feel it renewing your strength, healing you.

“When you are ready, begin to breathe the green mist and the leaf light back into your own living World. Turn on the spot so you may breathe it out in every direction. (Do this easily, gently; it isn't’t hard.) See it in your mind’s eye, spreading out across all the land, healing the human relationship with the countryside, the many types of creature, the rivers, the trees. A green mist renewing harmony.”

((from “THE WAY INTO FAERIE” by Rae Beth, published by Robert Hale an imprint of the Crowood Press)

Winter Solstice 2018

Winter Solstice approaches - the time of the longest night, the very darkest time.

But the wheel turns. The light returns.

Now, when we live in such uncertain, threatening times - environmentally and politically -it can be good to remember this. And to wish the Earth and all Her creatures well, for this is the simplest kind of healing spell, whatever else we do.

Now, we are in the hands of the Great Mother of fate but also, we are (each one of us) Her agents within these challenging times.


February 2018

Published by Hale - an inprint of The Crowood Press

Published in paperback, February 2018 - hurray!

Please note. Although it has a new cover, the text is identical to the hardback.

Buy the paperback for £9.99 (from February 2018).

Rae Beth, best selling author of Hedge Witch, here blends the ancient traditions of hedge witchcraft with our modern concerns for the natural world. Working in liminal places and with wild spirits, she shows how we can both help to heal the human relationship with the natural world and cast spells of increase for threatened species. The Green Hedge Witch is based on the knowledge that we are part of nature, not apart from Her and that this gives us our power and potential as well as our responsibilities. And therefore, by the rise of rites, spirit journeys and elven help, we can work heartfelt healing magic. This is a book for the budding spellcaster as well as the experienced hedge witch.

Rae Beth is a hedge witch and fay with many lifetimes of magical experience behind her. She writes books and poems, and gives talks on magical subjects. Her aim is to assist people to meet with the land spirits and with those from Faerie. Her bestselling works include Hedge Witch, The Hedge Witch’s Way and Spellcraft For Hedge Witches.


Yule 2017

I asked the faerie woman who teaches me whether she had anything to say for the Yule season. She gave me this:

At Yule, there is a turning
from dark to light.
We who are fate weavers
by vision and deed,
we who can chant the spell
by which all begins
to be newly well,
we know the darkest night,
brings the true renewal
by which life is freed.

In the Faerie Queen's cauldron
deep in the Hill
is the fire that brings life
to the Halls of the Dead.
By this, we dance and enchant
that justice and harmony,
peace and beauty and joy
shall return even to the living world
and for all creatures.

And so may it be.
This is done. It is said.


February 6th 2017

Published by Hale - an inprint of The Crowood Press

The spirituality of a fey person may be quite anarchic and entirely private, having no basis in any organised religion. So it can be a secret spirituality that informs the fey type and this may be largely experiential. It has often been perceived as a threat by people who like ideas to be tied down and under control, and by the organisations that such people have created. Meanwhile, in much of today's world, fey people have been thoroughly marginalized.

In this book, Rae Beth suggests ways in which we might understand Otherworldy realities without abandoning common sense. Drawing upon her knowledge of traditional faerie lore, she shows how Fae perceptions and psychic skills can serve and enhance life.

Rae Beth in conversation with Gwen Fox about her new book The Way into Faerie

Publication date February 6th 2017


News Archive


I help you to be still yet to cast your spells
To have power of blood and hair,
Your own to do your work with.
Between us, there is love and need.
My spirit is composed of the language of mist in the woodland.
It is the foresight of rivers.
But I can speak as an animal
or bird or fish.
I change my shape, to meet in secret
Without you, I have no host in houses of the mortal.
Without me, you've no power to bring healing to the ill.
Your being beyond words has obtained my conversation.
I am of Earth's unearthliness.


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