Help! I think I might be a Witch!

Most of us start out by thinking this or something similar. So how can you tell?

You feel empathy with spirit presences from Pagan Spirit Realms i.e. Nature Spirits and Faery Beings.

You feel you've come home when you discover the Witch's Path.

You get drawn to certain kinds of literature: myth, legend, magical poetry, faery tales and the like, recognising the reality within them.

You discover that your spirit and your memories already contain a rich vein of magical insight. When learning certain aspects of magical lore, you feel that you already knew some of them.

You prefer to walk with nature than to go shopping (Not that going shopping can't be a healing experience in itself!).

When walking with nature (or shopping), you don't have to make an effort to contact the psychic realms, because they've already found you.

So what should you do about this?

Enjoy being what you are. Recognise the ways in which you can help and heal because you are a Witch.

Learn and develop. Take it all at your own pace.

Don't give up shopping!

Don't panic!

Do some background reading.

Check out some organisations who might be of support or interest (some are listed in my Links section).




An open letter to all who visit this website out of curiosity about witches

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