Hallo, Seeker after the Truth. Witches are much misunderstood so I’d like to say a few words about what we’re all doing. Magic. This is what happens when the everyday world and the world of the nature spirits, ancestors and faeries becomes one. When a contact is made between the realm where tree spirits talk and the realm where trees are leaves and wood, as physical entities. We are that contact. When these two realms merge, within the witch’s soul, the spell can be cast. Not only that, but a healing change takes place, for the world at large.

It is the loss of the dimension of nature spirits and numinous Presence - the sacred aspect of the natural world - that has made human existence a wasteland for many. And has made of many parts of the Earth a wasteland, literally. (One that reflects the desecration many humans feel inside.) But the task of all witches is to keep the sacred space ‘between the worlds’, where spirit and body are known as one, and spirit is perceived in all things - rocks, stones and trees, lakes, rivers and seas and all creatures. And we do that every time we work magic.

In time, a true sense of the sacred will flow out everywhere and restore the world to a new harmony.

Meanwhile, the spiritual barrenness of these times, where magic is denied or seen as evil, is dangerous. All manner of abuse can happen, when nature is not acknowledged to be mystical, sacred. Creatures and plants then get pushed to extinction. And humans are desperate or apathetic. Addicted to much that can be self - destructive.

When a witch reaches that place inside her or himself where the tree spirits can be heard and the familiars come to give assistance, then that place exists indeed on the. Earth.

As within, so without. The work is healing. The magic of entering a more faery—like dimension (the Earth’s soul) heals the rift for us all.

Methods by which this state can be reached are many. But the most simple way is by prayers to the Deities. When we pray to the Lady of Moons Earth and Water, for instance, or to the witches’ Horned God, such prayers will be- answered.

‘Great Lady and Lord, grant that we all become aware of the sacred Mysteries of life. And of spirit presences in all wild places and of the magic in day and night. Open all our inner senses so that we know. And grant us wisdom so that our world be made right, in a new harmony and freedom. So May It Be.’

Rae Beth 2000



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