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UK edition US edition
Song Quest 1999

Hardback, Sept 1999
no longer available

For healing sleep of lavender dreams,
For laughter golden and gay,
For tears shed in turquoise streams,
For fear, blood and scarlet screams,
For death of deepest midnight shade.
For these the Songs,
Five in one.
Challa, Kashe, Shi,
Aushan, Yehn.

Imagine being taught to hear a voice on the other side of the world without using a telephone. Imagine learning to heal without medicine, or discovering the dreadful power to kill without a weapon. All this and more is possible in the world you are about to enter...
Welcome to the world of the Singers!

"Full of good ideas and original thinking. It's a page-turner." - Jan Mark.
"Fascinating and poetic... Extremely original too." - Joan Aiken.
"I neglected to do my homework, or anything else for that matter, until I had completed the book and could finally put it down." - Edward, aged 11.
"A highly commendable debut, well-plotted and characterised and written with feeling, integrity and imagination." - Gary Dalkin, BSFA.
" on as a thumping good story unfolds. I can't wait for the sequel." - Tara Stephenson, Booksellers' Choice.
"Song Quest is a brilliant book with a fast moving plot and distinctive characters. It is a great read with a very strong ending." – Robin, aged 10.
"A memorable young adult fantasy that’s more about the importance of friendships and loyalty than about magic." – LOCUS.
"Roberts writes vividly and dramatically with an accomplished grasp of plotting that carries the reader along." – Books for Keeps (New Talent spot)
"For the child who keeps asking for the next Harry Potter…" - The Times.