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Our Dancing Days

Lucy English’s third novel is set in a Suffolk commune in the Seventies where, beneath the blissful summer surface, the young inhabitants are caught in a downward spiral ending in tragedy.

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Children Of Light

As with her successful debut SELFISH PEOPLE, Bristol based Lucy English’s second novel, set in Provence and Bath, features a bohemian heroine, and describes an ongoing rebellion within a family of each generation against the last.

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Selfish People

A female Trainspotting about a young woman who is a romantic but is also determined to overcome the depression of inner-city living in 90s Britain and carve out a life for herself – even if it does means she must become a selfish person to do so.

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More details of my novels, Selfish People, Children of Light and Our Dancing Days can be found on the HarperCollins website.


Prayer to Imperfection

Prayer to Imperfection is vibrant and packed with sensuality, sensitivity and humour. Lucy has a distinctive ability to root a poem a place and explore our relationship with the places where we live and love, succeed and fail.’


Lucy English - Prayer to Imperfection




Unusually for a poet of her stature and with near on two decades of work to her name this is the first book of Lucy English's poetry to be published. As such it is a significant retrospective of an English poet with an international reputation. Lucy's poetry explores the complexities of modern life, and the way that we try to find comfort wherever we can. It explores life lived in urban spaces with many of her poems rooted in the landscape of Bristol, the city she has made her home. With influences as diverse as Wittgenstein and Andy Warhol, Lucy's poetry is direct, uses everyday language in often complex ways and yet remains accessible, vibrant and packed with sensuality, sensitivity and humour.


"The hippy chick love mother sex goddess." The List


“A sense of place, a subtle sensitivity of the nuances of people and places – these are rare gifts.” Alastair Sawday


"Lucy is a leader in her field; gracefully straddling the gap between page and stage, poetry and prose. Her work, both written and performed is insightful, sexy, thoughtful, confrontational - in fact everything that you could ask for in a contemporary live-lit practitioner." Glenn Carmichael


ISBN 9781909136274 - 204 pages


See more details about Prayer to Imperfection at Burning Eye Books



The Book of Hours is a calendar of poetry films. There is a poetry film for now and for different times of day, for every month of the year.


‘The Book of Hours is a hugely ambitious and important experiment in collaborative poetry filmmaking, raising the bar for other poets interested in moving beyond the page and the stage.’ Dave Bonta publisher of Moving Poems.


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Burning Eye presents: Carpool Poetry (episode 7) with Lucy English. Lucy English in duscussion with Clive Birnie about the development and evolution of the Book Of Hours project.


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Lucy English - Prayer to Imperfection




The Book of Hours is a contemporary reimagining of a medieval book of hours.


These were collections of exquisitely hand-illustrated religious readings. They were created in a handy size so they could be carried by the owner and read on a daily basis. This book of hours is secular, but the general mood is contemplative and reflective.


The poems can be read individually or as a story of growth and change throughout a year.


These are the poems from the poetry film project, which has been made in collaboration with an international community of filmmakers.


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Details of the poetry collections, Prayer to Imperfection and The Book of Hours can be found on the Burning Eye Books website.


LivTorc's Project Haiflu

Lucy English - LivTorc's PROJECT HAIFLU 2020


Lucy English - LivTorc's PROJECT HAIFLU 2020


And nothing makes sense but in telling our story we learn who we are.

Project Haiflu is a hugely powerful collective act of poetry, photograph, music and film, involving more than 8,000 crowd-sourced haiku, 500+ “citizen artists”, 13 weekly films during the first lockdown and a further 8-10 films for the current lockdown. All forming a newly-minted hybrid art form, uniquely adapted to the nation’s creative needs during and post pandemic. It’s been featured on BBC R4’s Today Programme, in The Timesand continues to inspire hundreds of people to write poems.

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Lucy English - Prayer to Imperfection



Published by Routledge in 2020.


‘This is a crucial and ground-breaking companion for those studying or teaching spoken word performance, as well as scholars and researchers across the fields of theatre and performance studies, literary studies, and cultural studies.’


Paperback, Hardback and eBook available to buy at the Routledge website,


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