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What are you reading 2019?
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/12, 02:01 am- Hello, folks! Just check
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/12, 02:14 am- As for what am I reading
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/12, 02:39 am- And before ‘Jizzle’ I rea
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/12, 02:43 am- And before that... this:
Protodroid (Protodro -06/12, 01:48 pm- Tony hasnt been around fo
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/12, 03:17 pm- I hope so too, Porto. Sti
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/12, 03:18 pm- Porto lol. There’s a new
Protodroid (Protodro -06/12, 10:41 pm- I dont have much time to
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/13, 11:31 am- Yeah, I just post all my
Tony (Tony) -06/13, 11:45 am- Voices! Just dropped by t
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/13, 06:23 pm- Voices from the past inde
Tony (Tony) -06/13, 07:04 pm- We have had all kinds of
Tony (Tony) -06/13, 07:10 pm- Seeing this place spark b
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/13, 07:51 pm- Sounds like it was a road
Tony (Tony) -06/13, 08:45 pm- Id told a dog rescue that
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/13, 11:02 pm- Country people are notori
Tony (Tony) -06/13, 11:58 pm- Its actually an ex pit vi
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/14, 12:49 am- Well, Tony, if you are ru
Tony (Tony) -06/14, 01:13 am- Im just lonely, and too s
Tony (Tony) -06/14, 01:15 am- To go back to the thread,
Protodroid (Protodro -06/14, 01:21 am- Jesus, Tony, Im sorry tim
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/14, 04:13 pm- Well we did talk about th
Tony (Tony) -06/14, 04:29 pm- But I heat of so many ado
Tony (Tony) -06/14, 04:32 pm- I know this isnt the plac
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/14, 04:38 pm- But getting back to what
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/14, 05:09 pm- I always knew I was diffe
Tony (Tony) -06/14, 05:29 pm- Those are the adoption is
Protodroid (Protodro -06/14, 08:15 pm- Im not alienated, just ha
Tony (Tony) -06/14, 08:44 pm- Sigh...I need working kno
Protodroid (Protodro -06/14, 10:08 pm- I think you need help com
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/14, 10:33 pm- I don’t know what your vi
Tony (Tony) -06/16, 10:24 am- I tried meds but they mad
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/16, 11:20 am- I know what you mean abou
Tony (Tony) -06/16, 11:25 am- Its anger at an increasin
Tony (Tony) -06/16, 11:26 am- I feel like going to a me
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/16, 12:27 pm- We do seem to be slipping
Stevie Walsh (Stephe -06/16, 12:35 pm- Anyway, getting back to r
Tony (Tony) -06/14, 11:04 am- Just watched the best thi
Protodroid (Protodro -06/14, 08:18 pm- I remember it being excel
Tony (Tony) -06/14, 08:39 pm- It does, Proto.
Stuart Hermolle
Tony (Tony) -06/14, 11:18 am- This story is one of the

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